Woman Wonders If She’s The Jerk For Causing Newlyweds To Be Taken To A Police Station After The Bride Gets Caught Wearing Her Husband’s Ex-Wife’s Dress.

When you marry someone, there’s a potential you’ll get an unpleasant surprise from your partner since some people don’t fully open up until something prompts them. It’s awful enough to realise you’ve married someone wrong. What hurts the most is seeing the person you once loved transform into a selfish person who chose to utterly destroy you, as if you weren’t a family just a second before. Read the story to know what happened here and let us know what you think of the situation.

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The title sounds bad, but hear me out.

I (38f) had 2 work colleagues, Mary and Adam (both in their late 20s-early 30s). Mary started in the company first and then she got Adam to join, they worked in different departments and Mary was in mine. Later, Mary left the company to pursue another carrier. When they started at the company, they were already married for a few years.

Now Mary is the kindest and loveliest person I’ve ever met. She was always polite, helpful and would cheer anyone up. We missed her dearly. So it came to a shock when we found out she is divorcing Adam because he has cheated on her. I have called her to express how sorry I am that this has happened to her and we were talking almost daily ever since. I was impressed how well Mary holds herself in such a situation, she wouldn’t bad mouth Adam and the only thing she mentioned was how her wedding dress and a few family heirlooms went missing when she was moving her stuff from their apartment. She thought they might be misplaced in a different box and will turn up eventually.

A few years passed, and I now work in the same department as Adam. He is a good work colleague but can be dismissive and ignorant sometimes. Adam invited me to his wedding with the lady, “Chelsea” he cheated on Mary with. As the entire department was invited, I said yes, making sure Mary is OK with this. I’ve also told her where the wedding will be. (It’s not too far from where she lives and we could go for some drinks after if she wanted to)

On the day of Adam’s wedding, I noticed that Chelsea is wearing a similar dress that Mary wore in the photos of hers and Adam’s wedding years ago. So without thinking I snapped a picture and sent it to Mary with the caption saying: “doesn’t this dress look familiar?”. Mary saw the message but she didn’t respond and about an hour later the police showed up at the venue.

I need to add that the police in our country are ruthless and any theft is considered a criminal matter for the police to deal with. Police have asked Chelsea to take the dress and all the jewellery off, Chelsea refused and started arguing with them, and then Adam joined in. As they were rude to the police, they were taken to the police station. Everyone at the wedding had to leave. I tried to call Mary but she wouldn’t pick up the phone.

As we found out later Chelsea was wearing Mary’s wedding dress and her heirlooms, Mary spotted them on her in the picture I sent to her and called the police. Apparently, she has previously asked Adam if he had them, and he declined, saying he never saw them. So after she saw the picture she knew he was lying and stole them. Chelsea had to leave the wedding dress and jewelry at the police station and go home wearing her underwear and Adams jacket after they were bailed out.

Yesterday Adam returned to the office and went completely mad at me, blaming me for sending a picture to Mary and ruining his wedding, he would also call me an a**h**e for what I did. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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