Girl, 8, with autism bakes hundreds of buns to cheer up elderly neighbors – I think she deserves our recognition

In times of disaster, it is critical that we all assist one another. Anybody, no matter how old or young, may participate in their own manner to the battle against Coronavirus.

Riah Totten, 8, of Belfast, Northern Ireland, wants to do her part to aid the elderly and vulnerable members in her community.

Riah’s great interest is soccer, but because of the UK lockdown then, she was unable to pursue her hobby. But nothing negative occurs without bringing some good with it…

Ms. Dobbin explained that she was suffering with the constraints, but she was relieved to be off since she hated school anyway.

Rather, Riah found her passion for baking and, with the aid of her mom, Amanda Dobbin, the two agreed to create a heartfelt effort for the citizens of their neighbourhood. Her grandmother came over and brought some baking supplies for the kids, which prompted her to begin cooking.

Amanda explained that Riah would occasionally become fascinated with things, so when she began baking scones, she became fascinated with it.

The tiny girl prepared almost 300 scones from early morning until late evening, which were afterwards donated to older folks in the region.

Riah and her mom cooked 120 buns on the first day. On the second day, they upped production to 265!

Amanda explained that it’s really taken off, she loves it. She has such a large heart, and she constantly thinks about others.

Riah says Gordon Ramsay motivates her, and she no longer believes she has to return to school as she wants to create a scone shop and work there all day. 

It’s both motivating and wonderful to watch how a little child like her can contribute to society.

If an eight-year-old can lead to a better world in these difficult times, then we can all do something to aid our fellow humans.

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