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Beloved McDonald’s longtime employee with Down’s syndrome passes away, leaving community in tears

Working at McDonald’s may not be a huge deal for some, but it meant everything to Freia.

Some people doubted Freia’s ability to work and earn a livelihood on her own since she had Down syndrome.

Freia, then 20, was offered a chance at a McDonald’s in Needham in 1984. For the following 32 years, she ran the french fry station at the Needham McDonald’s and was loved by the locals.

Freia was born and reared in Needham, Massachusetts, and as an adult, she moved into the Charles River Center assisted living home.

She had been attending lessons at the center since she was three years old, and she had grown up as a member of the center in a group setting.

Her obituary also said that she participated in the Special Olympics.

The center assisted her in believing in herself and in making contact with McDonald’s.

They expected Freia to thrive, but they had no idea she’d become the city’s most popular customer service specialist for almost 30 years.

Freia dedicated her heart and her into serving customers at McDonald’s for four hours every day, five days a week.

Freia was one of the first persons to be placed in a job in the community, as per Anne-Marie Bajwa, who worked at the Charles River Center.

Freia, however, thought it was time to move on at the age of 52.

The community’s devotion for Freia during her departure celebration was nothing short of astounding. Certainly, Freia deserved nothing less!

Freia informed the reporters that her retirement will allow her to rest and take care of herself.

Family, friends, coworkers, clients, and even members of the local media came to praise her for her life’s work.

She was given a certificate recognizing and congratulating her for her accomplishments. Timothy McCoy, one of the Needham McDonald’s franchise owners, talked.

In his address, he added, Freia’s smile, her excitement, and her daily embraces made the business more than just a restaurant.

Anyone who devotes 32 years of their life to one work should be honored. Particularly if they give it their all every day.

Freia is an excellent example of this!

Beloved McDonald's Employee with Down Syndrome Retires

This beloved McDonald's employee with Down syndrome retired after working for the restaurant chain for 32 years. (via Vuz)

Posted by Country Living Magazine on Thursday, January 12, 2017

However, this beautiful soul Freia died in 2019. The reason of death has not been disclosed.

As per her obituary on Legacy, a memorial ceremony was conducted for Freia at the George F. Doherty & Son’s Funeral Home in Needham, to which her friends, family, and members of the community were invited.

Freia was born with Down syndrome to a loving family, yet this never slowed her down.  She graduated from Needham High School, took part in Special Olympics, had many pals, and loved music, movies, and Mickey Mouse, according to her obituary.

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