John Ritter’s Widow Found Love Again with Man Who Helped Her during Lawsuit after Actor’s Sudden Death

John Ritter, the late American actor had a fruitful career in Hollywood and he was wedded to Amy Yasbeck. She was his second wife as he was earlier married to American actress Nancy Morgan.

Subsequent his separation from Morgan, Ritter would discover love yet again in Yasbeck. Remembering their foremost meeting, Yasbeck admitted that she interviewed for a role and her agent revealed that she has been selected for the role and that she would be working with John Ritter. She was excited to be sharing a set with John Ritter.

Finally, the duo happened face to face for the first time on September 25, 1989 at Dennis Dugan’s house to recite the film script. Their bond progressed from professional to romantic and the lovebirds greeted their only child, Stella in 1998 and they married the next year.

Yasbeck had a flourishing career as an actress when she got married and by now appeared in productions like “Wings,” “Splash Too,” “Pretty Woman,” “The Mask,” and many more.

Misfortune bump into only a few years into her delightful marriage. Ritter fell ill while filming “8 Simple Rules” in September 2003. He was taken to the hospital where he was later scheduled to undertake surgery. Yasbeck remembered her partner using sign linguistic to say “I Love You” while he was going for the surgery and that was the last moment, she saw Ritter alive. He pass away during surgical procedure.  

Subsequent to Ritter’s demise, Yasbeck and the actor’s family prosecuted the medic and a Radiologist for $67 million, but they denied any misconduct.

After an extensive court battle, the medics were cleared of any medical negligence connected to Ritter’s death. Still, Yasbeck’s attorneys sustained that the medics had a role in the actor’s demise.

Even if the court combat did not fall in Yasbeck’s favour, she would meet the gentleman Michael Plonsker, who would ultimately turn out to be her new love. Several years after the court decision, the duo seemed together at Comedy Club Roast of James Franco in 2013. They draped their arms around each other as they postured for the camera.

Nearly three months earlier, they had appeared AFI’s 41st Life Achievement Award Tribute to Mel Brooks. They seemed on the red carpet with a side-by-side embrace posture.

The pair is also being seen in rare pictures on Yasbeck’s Instagram page. She shared a pretty selfie of her and Plonsker in July last year and captioned it “Power Couple.”

Plonsker also share a great bond with Stella and a 2013 photograph from the 15th Annual Designcare, attests it. The snap displays Yasbeck, Stella, and Plonsker posing together and look graceful.  

Since Ritter pass away, Yasbeck has done several things to preserve his inheritance and she manages the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health, which she started after the actor pass away.

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