She Was Confused With The GLOW On Her Brother’s Face.

3 months ago I was laying in the bed that was once mine at my parents house when my brother barges in, sits down at the foot of my bed. I don’t spend much time around my parents house, nor do I see him very often. But as soon as he walked in I was able to tell by the glow in his confidence and the smile on his face that he was extremely happy.

My brother is a handsome boy, he has a good social life and has girlfriends in the past.

So, naturally I asked him what was up, asked what he wanted?

He smiled, and asked, “What do you think about my smile?” I shrugged and told him that I thought it was fine. “Well” he said, with a smirk, “This cute girl in my class told me that she thought I had a very attractive smile!” I didn’t really understand why he was so excited….. (really I’m not trying to brag in this next sentence) I thought to myself “big whoop, I get complimented fairly regularly.”

That got me thinking a little bit.

Later that night I knocked on his bedroom door. “Charlie?” I asked “when was the last time you were complimented besides today and from a family member?” There was a little bit of a hesitant pause, but then he admitted that he couldn’t even remember the last time he was complimented by someone other than our mother or aunt! This got me thinking a little bit more, so I asked my male cousins, my male friends etc etc the same question. Most of the responses I got were the same, “I don’t know” or “ I cant remember”.

Still today, every now and then, he talks about how that girl in his one of his classes complimented him on his smile, and it melts my heart how happy that has made him and how much it boosted his confidence.

Since then, and after seeing how happy it has made my little brother, I’ve made it my mission to compliment at least 4 guys a day. Whether it’s on their shoes, their smile, their shirt, their haircut or eyes. Yes, this has gotten me in some awkward situations where they think I’m hitting on them, but most of the time I see them taken back a little with a smile on their face.

I think we, as women, take compliments for granted, as it happens to us on a daily basis!! The message I want to send to people in this post is to just throw a compliment out there from time to time to a guy! It absolutely takes next to zero effort for you, but it may make a HUGE impact on their day, their week, or month!

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