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VIDEO: Saggy-Pants Thug Attacks Elderly Gentleman, Gets Knocked Out Cold.

Every now and again, a video of an innocent victim getting knocked out by a reckless criminal who caught them off guard is shared on social media. The perpetrators of these heinous acts are rarely apprehended by police because they are playing the “knockout game,” and they generally choose people who are weak or defenceless.

A similar incident seems to have occurred in this horrific video, but with a very different conclusion. An elderly guy was going through a shopping mall, holding a bag of goods. Surprisingly, a punk in sagging trousers began raising issues with the elderly guy, attempting to attack him.

As the 25-second video begins, the punk, dressed in baggy trousers with his underwear showing and a hooded black hoodie, approaches the old guy after dropping his rucksack on the ground, releasing his hands for a physical assault on the other man. Without even a hint of fear, the targeted victim places his grocery bag on the ground and confronts his assailant. “I’m going to harm you,” the old gentleman warned.

Things took a terrible turn at this point. After the elderly man threatened the punk, the assailant placed his hands up in some sort of absurd boxing posture and began what can only be defined as awful footwork. The punk circled his elder opponent before lunging at him with his right hand. The punk should have understood he was well out of his league the instant the old gentleman moved out of the way with ease.

The old man made it plain that he did not want to fight. He kept saying the same thing again and over. “I’m gonna hurt ya, I’m gonna hurt ya,” he continued. It just took a few seconds for the old man to perfect his timing. Then he fulfilled the promise he had made to the punk, who suddenly realised that he should have heeded the old man’s warnings.

In the video, the would-be victim hand-checks the punk a couple of times to maintain his rhythm before delivering a straight vicious punch to the punk’s fragile jaw. That was all it needed to toss the younger man to the ground like a ragdoll.

These folks should not be shocked. Although they may just see an “old guy,” they are unaware that many men of that generation spent a couple of years lugging an M-16 through banana leaves, giving them a toughness that has stayed with them. It’s a power that so-called “guys” like this punk can never comprehend — at least not until they get smacked right on the button for fooling with the wrong “old guy.”

After a job well done, the old guy is seen strolling back to his bag of goods at the end of the video. I doubt he’ll ever have any problems with that person again. I hope the punk’s family and friends watch this viral video and humiliate him for assaulting an old man and getting his butt kicked so hard. He should have paid attention when the old man stated, “I’m going to hurt you.” The “old guy” knew exactly what he was talking about.

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