2-yr-old banned from nursery because her deformed skull is too scary – help us show her some love ❤️

There should be no barriers to a youngster receiving a decent education and all of the social chances that come with it. However, the parents of 2-year-old Russian Sofya Zakharova were advised that she would be unable to join her local school. They were told that her misshapen head might frighten other youngsters.

Sofya lives with her mother, father, Rasul, and both sets of grandparents in the Russian hamlet of Alatany in the Bashkortostan area.

Sadly, she was born with a malformed cranium and fused fingers and toes. Her parents were advised that their little girl should have surgery before applying for a school spot. They were warned that she may “frighten other kids.”

Ekaterina Belan, an educational psychologist, explained that it was critical that Sofya attend class and have social connections.

“The faster she has interaction experience, the simpler it will be for her to deal with the surroundings in which she lives and grows,” she explained.

Sofya and her family live in an apartment with no running water or warmth since the stove has been damaged and the gas has been turned off.

Grandfather Sergei Mikhailov stated that they have such a disaster here. They indicated they would do the procedure but then became quiet.

Sofya’s issue was taken up by the local charity Rainbow of Goodness, however the school still declined to let her join. Her mother was informed that she needed to organise an operation so she can attend nursery school like a regular child.

Prosecutors are now investigating why Sofya has not been operated on and why the school denies to admit her.

Radiy Khabirov, President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, said, “I understand that if it hadn’t been for the participation of the humanitarian organisation, there would have been no discussions on this and no relocation.”

“It is already evident that the rights of the kid and parents have been infringed, and a proper legal examination will now be conducted.”

This is certainly a violation of the rights of this kid, and we are pleased it’s being looked into.

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