Am I A Jerk For Calling Police On A Family At The Beach.

Children are a gift of God. They are meant to be curious, run around freely. In this story a family was on the beach who leashed their baby which another woman noticed. Read the story to know what she did and let us know if you agree with this woman’s decision.

Source: Reddit

My family went to the beach yesterday and there was a large family or multiple families maybe 15 feet away from us.

There was a baby girl with them who looked to be somewhere around 18-20 months old and they had her on a leash and tied the leash to their tent. There were dogs at the beach that were treated better than that baby. She had toys and snacks but that treatment is still inhumane.

I started to talk to them and asked why the baby was on a leash. They said she likes to chase dogs, birds, and squirrels so the leash made sure she stayed near them. I offered to watch her so she could go off her leash for a little bit but they insisted that she was fine.

The dad started to get angry so I left but I couldn’t get over the fact that they tied the baby to the tent so they wouldn’t have to watch her and make sure she doesn’t run off so I called the police on them for abusing the baby.

The police came but they didn’t do anything. They assumed it was me that called and the dad yelled at me for “ruining their vacation and putting them at risk” (they’re not white so they assume any interaction with the police is automatically dangerous).

My husband found out that I called the police and he said I was overreacting and that I acted like a b****h by calling the police on them. Am I wrong for calling the police on them for tying the baby to the tent?

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