Dad ‘made friend who abused his daughter dig his own grave before killing him’

WARNING: This narrative includes vivid descriptions of child abuse and murder that readers may find uncomfortable.

A man in Russia reportedly murdered his buddy after seeing a video of him raping his 8-year-old little girl. Vyacheslav M, 34, had been drinking with his 32-year-old buddy, Oleg Sviridov, on the day he saw the stomach-churning film on his phone.

The father couldn’t believe his eyes and wanted to face his old buddy, who had fled the scene before that could occur. As a result, Vyacheslav approached the police, who initiated a manhunt for Sviridov. However, before the detectives could find the rapist, the victim’s father approached him and reportedly stabbed him to death.

Sviridov had been the man’s daughter’s babysitter on several occasions. Sadly, this meant that he may have sexually molested her several times. Police reportedly discovered films of three more kids on Sviridov’s phone, in which the youngsters were reportedly sexually molested.

Naturally, the father became enraged and launched his own quest for Sviridov. Vyacheslav said that the suspected rapist “stumbled on the knife during an argument” in a forest near the village after murdering him. Although the father was finally apprehended by police, people praised him as a hero and demanded that he not be charged with murder for punishing his daughter’s rapist.

He is not a murderer; he defended his daughter, as well as our kids. Everyone is rooting for him. All parents are standing up for the pervert’s killer, claimed Ksenia Sobchak, a popular television reporter and former Russian presidential candidate. He was later freed from prison when his neighbours “raised the money” needed to hire a skilled counsel.

Another parent was in a similar predicament in 1984, when he discovered that his son had been lured, raped, and kidnapped by his karate teacher. Gary Plauché was worried sick when his 11-year-old son Jody went missing. Jeff, his instructor, had abducted him in February of that year.

But, even before Jeff separated Jody from his family, he had been assaulting the youngster since he entered his karate courses at the age of ten. While Jody regarded his coach to be his greatest friend, the paedophile took advantage of him. “It was several months before he did anything, and he had already been testing the boundaries,” Jody recounted as an adult.

“He had started grooming not only me but my family,” he claimed. He was raped in no time, and on February 19, 1984, Jeff kidnapped Jody, but authorities were able to locate them down a week later. Gary and June, Jody’s parents, were relieved to see him return home.

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