Brandon Jenner Says Caitlyn Left His Mom To Transition, Saw Their 2 Kids 6 Times In 17 Years

Brandon Jenner presented the essay collection To Me He Was Just Dad: Stories of Growing Up With Famous Fathers in 2020. Brandon’s article was emotionally draining, as he discloses that he only visited his father a few times between the ages of 8 and 25.

Brandon also penned about his mother, Linda Thompson, and what she went through after Caitlyn left her and began dating Kris Jenner.

Brandon Jenner’s article recounts the anguish his mom felt at the start of his father’s relationship with Kris. He continues, a few years after his parents separated, Dad reportedly felt that now wasn’t the time to transition and had several of his procedures reversed. 

His relationship with his mother [Linda Thompson] became increasingly antagonistic after that. She’d worked hard to understand that the fact he couldn’t be with her was as he was transitioning.

When he began seeing Kris Jenner, whom he later married, that line of reasoning came apart. It was excruciatingly painful. Because of his parents’ strained relationship, he only saw his father around half a dozen times between the ages of eight and 25.

Linda has also published her own book, in which she describes her own journey. Her bliss was perfect until one one day day when Brody was 18 months old and Brandon was around 3 and a half and her fantastic husband came to her one day and said he needed to tell her something about herself, she recalls.

And he said, ‘he identifies as a woman,’ she said. He is ‘a lady,’ he said. He wants to be female on the outside because he has always been female on the inside.

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