Family of four killed after teenage daughter drove off cliff while dozing off, according to cops

The bodies were discovered on Saturday, June 10, by a fisherman who discovered the automobile upside down and half submerged in the Salmon River north of Riggins, Idaho.

The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho State Police, Riggins Ambulance and Dive Team, and Idaho Transportation Department all arrived to the incident, where four people were discovered dead inside the car.

Calvin ‘CJ’ Miller, 36, and his three children, Dakota Miller, 17, Jack Miller, 10, and Delilah Miller, 8, were eventually identified as the fatalities.

The family members were reported missing when they left Spokane, Washington, for Council, Idaho, but never arrived.

According to an Idaho County Coroner’s statement, the family’s last known position was near the top of White Bird grade.

According to an accident report released on Wednesday, police suspect Dakota was driving the automobile at the time of the mishap, and that they were weary and fell asleep behind the wheel.

As a result of this, Dakota drove off the highway, striking a large pile of rocks and sending the vehicle airborne, according to the investigation. The vehicle struck another large pile of rocks, flipping it over and landing upside down in the Salmon River.

The automobile dropped 30 feet into the river, and the impact is assumed to have damaged the windshield.

According to the police, water from the river then flooded in, drowning people inside the automobile.

Their hearts are broken for this family, and their thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time, the coroner said, adding that the family’s loved ones had been contacted.

Zella Blair, Miller’s ex-partner and mother to Jack and Delilah, told that the news had devastated her family.

She added that she doesn’t know if she can get used to them not coming through the door after school and yelling for her again. They were enormous and were her whole existence.

Miller’s current companion, Amberlynn Weber, informed Blair about the deaths.

She felt really bad for Amber, she remarked, since she did lose all four people in her household. Even though they weren’t her biological children, she was always very nice to them.

In the aftermath of the disaster, GoFundMe sites have been set up to assist loved ones in covering Calvin’s and the three children’s burial expenses.

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