‘He’s healed my heart’ — widow gives birth to late husband’s son 14 months after he died

14 months after her late husband’s sudden death from a heart attack, a widow gave birth to their kid.

Utilizing frozen embryos, Sarah Shellenberger was able to conceive with her deceased husband, and in May she gave birth to a baby boy named Hayes.

In February 2020, her spouse Scott passed away from a heart attack. When Sarah learned the heartbreaking news, she had recently finished an embryo fertilization at a fertility clinic in Barbados.

The couple had been attempting to conceive and had been informed that IVF was the only method to conceive. However, they chose to fly to the Barbados Fertility Center for the egg retrieval owing to the outrageous price of this procedure in the United States.

The first egg retrieval for the couple, who wed in 2018, was performed in December 2019, and they discovered it was a boy.

According to Sarah, an Oklahoma teacher, for the first round, they ultimately got one genetically normal embryo and that turned out to be Hayes.

They learned that he was a boy right before Christmas. Before he passed away, Scott and he were able to choose names, and that was really significant.

They made the decision to return in February for a second egg extraction while she still had a sufficient number of eggs.

Unfortunately, as her husband Scott, a physics professor, didn’t have enough holiday time Sarah had to take her mother instead.

After the procedure was safely finished, Sarah took a flight via Toronto back to Oklahoma, but it was then that she received some dire news.

Sarah claimed that when she eventually connected to the WiFi after arriving in Toronto, her phone “went berserk.”

She received many text messages, the first of which was from one of Scott’s coworkers informing her that they had assembled to pray for Scott.

She contacted his mother, who informed her that he had suffered a heart attack, had been transferred to the intensive care unit, and had not yet recovered consciousness.

Sarah hurried to the hospital as soon as she got back to Oklahoma to visit her husband. She didn’t understand why her young, healthy spouse had a heart attack and was confident he would recover.

However, doctors tragically informed her that her 41-year-old spouse was brain dead.

Sarah remarked that she couldn’t believe it. Words cannot adequately express that emotion.

Sarah made the decision to donate his organs and completed the necessary papers. She had to see him on Friday, February 21, to bid him farewell. The toughest thing she has ever done was that.

Scot helped three individuals by giving his liver and kidneys.

Sarah traveled to Barbados for the embryo transfer six months after the death of her spouse. She learned she was pregnant a week later.

Scott wanted to be a parent, and it was their ultimate goal, she said.

These two already-formed embryos are their children in their eyes, and they exist. She had no other choice, in her opinion. They are their offspring.

With her mother at her side, she gave birth to baby Hayes on May 3.

Holding Hayes has been such amazing therapy for her, and he has done so much for the healing of her heart.

It is difficult to experience these things without Scott as she knows that Scott would have been madly in love with him. She  definitely recognizes Scott in him.

With their second and last viable embryo, the mother says she intends to have another child with her husband using the same procedure.

It seems as though things are beginning to look better, that perhaps her existence is still meaningful, and that she still has a purpose.

It’s amazing that Sarah was able to have the child that she and her husband so dearly desired because a new life can provide so much hope.

Let’s share this tale to express our love for this new mother as she explores motherhood without her beloved at her side. Let’s hope for a bright future for them both.

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