Patrick Swayze’s wife speaks out after his close friend claims she used to beat him even when he had cancer

For rest of the world, Patrick Swayze and his spouse, Lisa Niemi were totally in love. But more than a few years after the actor died in 2009, Niemi was accused of being physically offensive to her husband, even when he grieved from cancer.

A year-long enquiry had exposed that the actor’s life was turned into hell all through the last months of his life. He was enforced to live like a convict since Niemi supposedly barred him from exiting the house and neither anyone was allowed to visit him.

A source, who was a long-time friend of the actor’s revealed that Niemi would beat on him and he would beat on the walls and fixtures. As per the source, Swayze have lost a lot of weight throughout his final months and even then, Niemi would physically assault him. The source said that she would hook at his arms and neck and she would hit and slap him.

Nevertheless, Niemi reject all the accusations of being physically offensive to her husband. Swayze would describe in interviews before his demise that his wife was right by his side during his battle with cancer.

Subsequent to Swayze’s demise, Niemi got wedded to jeweler Albert DePrisco in 2014.

Besides accusations of physical assault, Niemi was also put under the limelight when she said that Swayze’s mom was very ferocious with him in a biopic called, I Am Patrick Swayze.

His brother, Don Swayze also said in the biopic that he constantly believed Mom was so stern and tough on him, but she just used that to spur him on.

But, Sean Swayze, the actor’s other brother, disapproved Niemi for claiming that their mom would beat him up. He said that there was never any abuse in their family. The brother also suspects Niemi of using his brother’s life to make money for herself after he died.

Speaking about the cause why Sean Swayze did not want to be a part of the actor’s biopic, he said he know what his family was like growing up and don’t need to watch a documentary about it.

He added that they had a great childhood there was never any abuse in the family.

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