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Jennifer Lopez Says Ben Affleck Mocks Her Hot Outfits — Public Catch Them In Seemingly Tense Moments The Same Month.

Jennifer Lopez was one of the celebrities who opted to walk the Met Gala red carpet in a seductive gown—a Ralph Lauren gown with a cut-out pattern that got tongues buzzing. In March, the singer flaunted her abs in a Julien Macdonald gown with a high cut that revealed her toned thighs.

The actress is well-known for not being afraid to flaunt her figure. During a May 2023 television interview, Lopez, 53, stated that her husband, Ben Affleck, 50, was not so keen on her seductive looks.

The artist joked that the actor sometimes judged her more racy costumes. Lopez donned a Valentino suit from head to toe for the interview, but she didn’t say whether her husband teased her as well.

Despite the jokes, the “Air” actor recently expressed his appreciation for her as she is, adding she “looks spectacular.”

The pair renewed their romance a few years ago and want to marry in Las Vegas in June 2022. The newlyweds had their wedding celebration in Georgia, and they were particularly affectionate since they enjoyed holding hands.

But it seems the couple experienced the typical couple’s issues when they were videotaped in what looked to be a fierce disagreement on May 13, 2023.

The exact timing of the incident was unknown; however, it was alleged that it occurred a day after the actor went viral for shutting his wife’s door with an attitude.

Maybe the public spotlight was getting to them again, like it did when they initially started dating and ended with them breaking up. The motif for Lopez and Affleck seems to be falling out and being videotaped.

The incident in which Affleck and Lopez were observed fighting in a vehicle occurred earlier this month in Beverly Hills as they were sitting at a traffic signal. As he addressed himself, the singer’s spouse indicated with his hands.

While bickering in the vehicle with Affleck’s window open, the pair seemed to be oblivious that they were being videotaped. Lopez was more “timid” and reticent during the discussion, while her husband chatted animatedly.

A witness who saw the conversation said that Affleck seemed frustrated or angry. They said that the actor acknowledged his sad-looking wife by waving his hands up and down.

According to reports, the two were so engrossed in their chat that they didn’t glance to the side and instead concentrated on each other and the traffic signal. According to the source, there were no pedestrians or other vehicles present when the event happened.

Given the footage of Affleck locking his wife’s vehicle door, it was speculated that the couple, who had been married for less than a year, may be “miserable” in their marriage.

On May 8, 2023, as they were being filmed, the singer’s husband moved to his wife’s side of their Mercedes and calmly waited for her to enter before semi-slamming the door. The actor, who was holding an iced coffee, waved his arm theatrically before walking away.

He greeted the photographers after heading to the driver’s side, seeming dissatisfied with them. Two days after the event, a Twitter user uploaded the video, noting how someone might “have it all” and “still be miserable.”

Someone else commented on the image, saying, “He always looks like he’s fed up and annoyed.” When Affleck wasn’t throwing his hands around or semi-slamming vehicle doors, he was making fun of Lopez’s outfit.

On May 5, 2023, Lopez appeared on “Live! With Kelly and Mark,” where she confessed that she often sought fashion tips from Affleck. She said that he would always share his viewpoint, even if they did not always agree.

The mother of two said that the “Batman” star would not accompany her to fittings, but if they were attending a red carpet event, she would ask which of her clothes he preferred. According to the singer, Affleck sometimes taunted her, wondering where the rest of her clothing was!

Lopez’s humorous response was that the outfit didn’t have anything else! While he could now mock his wife about her clothing, he didn’t seem to mind looking like his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, while they were still married.

Garner and her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, were photographed bringing their kids to a karate session in 2016. Despite the fact that the former couple apparently sat next to one another with their kids at their feet, they had come separately.

As soon as they met, the “Miracles From Heaven” actress and Affleck looked to behave like a loving family. When he saw his first wife, he hugged her, and they spent 45 minutes in class together.

At one point, the ex-couple seemed to be wearing the same grey jumper. Affleck wore it before giving it to Garner, and they swapped the clothing item back and forth throughout the day.

However, the “Alias” actress received it last because her ex-husband tossed it back to her before they split up at the conclusion of the class. They also matched their blue pants and white trainers that day.

Affleck didn’t mind matching with Garner for the day, and when they parted ways, she took their girls out to eat. Unlike Lopez, they may have had a similar sense of style.

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