My Best Friend Cheated Should I Tell Her Husband As I Am Unable To Swallow The Guilt.

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My best friend cheated on her spouse with an old fling that has used and abused her from day one. She was never able to fully let him go, despite being in her current relationship for 3 years. A few months ago, she went over to his house (told her husband she was going to a friends) and they ended up sleeping together.

He of course ghosted her immediately as is his MO, she was deeply hurt but now is feeling great. She feels she got the closure she needed from this guy and is moving on with her life, planning her wedding (pandemic ruined their plans last year and they had a very small event just to make things legal), in which I am her MOH.

Here’s the thing though- the guilt is eating me alive. My husband and I are very close with her and her’s, and every time I see her husband I feel terrible for knowing something like this and not telling him. My best friend absolutely refuses to tell him, as she knows this is his deal breaker and will leave her, plus will expose all the lies she told him about this particular person over the years.

I know it’s not my place to tell him, and she genuinely seems happier and like the relationship is going better now that she’s gotten her ‘closure’, but I don’t know how to swallow the guilt and stand by her and her husband as the maid of honor knowing what I know. What should I do?

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