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Rebel Wilson on Wedding Planning and Nurturing Her Baby: ‘She Just Melts My Heart’

Rebel Wilson has taken on various personal difficulties in recent years.

First, there was the “Year of Fun,” which she describes as a year of “crazy adventures.” Then followed the “Year of Love,” during which she dated 50 individuals. In the end, the “Year of Health” concluded with an 80-pound weight drop.

And now, the 42-year-old actress is eager to go on her new adventure.

It’s the ‘Year of Family,’ Wilson says of her 8-month-old daughter, Royce, with fiancée Ramona Agruma, 39. They are building their family unit and working on how they do things as a new little family.

Wilson spoke while promoting Zevo, a pest control company that manufactures spray and a pesticide-free plug-in trap. It uses blue and UV light to attract the bugs, and then it traps them on this little scorecard thing, she says of the gadget, which she’s been using while in Savannah, Georgia, with Royce and Agruma. Every two weeks, she takes it out, and it’s very satisfying since she can see how many bugs were flying around in her kitchen, and now they’re gone.

The trio is headed to Australia later this summer after visiting Aspen, Dubai, and the Caribbean this year (Wilson was born in Sydney). Wilson, who characterizes herself as a “workaholic,” is looking forward to being “a little more calm” about the tasks she takes on after that.

One new part she’s looking forward to playing is bride. That is, if she ever gets around to setting a wedding date.

Wilson explains that Ramona gave her a wedding planning survival kit as a joke. But then she’s like, ‘look at this venue’ or ‘what do you think about this resort?’ And then she was at work all day, and when she got home, she had made a guest list.

She also claims that the pair, who got engaged at Disneyland on Valentine’s Day, would have to “compromise” on their wedding day because Wilson desires an expensive party while her fiancée desires “the opposite.”

Wilson says that finding time for herself may be “extremely difficult” between traveling the globe, following their different jobs (Agruma is the creator and owner of the athleisure brand Lemon Ve Limon), and parenting Royce.

She explains that she used to work out six days a week, but she doesn’t have the time anymore. As a consequence, she claims to have put on “a few pounds.”

Wilson recorded her weight reduction on Instagram to keep herself accountable and to fight for body acceptance. She’s also discussed her fertility struggles and parenthood experience (Royce was delivered through a surrogate, according to Wilson’s birth announcement).

She adds that even if you’re going through something bad, there can be happiness in sharing your story with others. All she can do is live truthfully. For the time being, it means embracing her time as a mother. Wilson says the nicest part of her day is returning home to her kids after a long day at work. She throws Royce up in the air until she laughs, tickles her, and assists in putting her to bed. She simply melts her heart.

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