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Rod Stewart criticizes Los Angeles as he leaves Hollywood and returns home.

Rod Stewart has completed his Atlantic crossing and has no intentions to return after opting to leave his life in Los Angeles once and for all in order to settle down in the UK.

The 78-year-old, who was born in the UK, cut a significant bond to California last week when he listed his spacious Beverly Hills house for a stunning $70 million – and now insiders say he has no intentions to establish another family base in the city.

Rod has grown tired of what he sees as the ‘toxic’ culture in Los Angeles, where he feels he has ‘no privacy,” and decided to return full-time to his home in the UK to support his wife Penny and their sons, who no longer want to deal with the ‘nuisance’ of traveling back and forth, according to two well-placed insiders.

Rod and Penny, 52, married in 2007 and have two boys, Alastair, 18, and Aiden, 12, who are both enrolled in a school in Essex, while their mom has been a volunteer police officer in London for the last several years.

Penny enjoys her life apart from America and Los Angeles. She loves nothing more than working for the cops, a family friend told.

She also considers traveling to be more of a hassle than anything else, and she prefers to live her life as a working mother.

The former model, who married Rod in 2007, was motivated to become a special constable for the City of London Police after appearing in the TV shows Famous and Fighting Crime. She finished her training in April 2021 and immediately started volunteering with the force.

But, in addition to supporting his wife’s job goals, Rod has opted to return to the UK since he knows that is where his two kids want to be.

Besides, her and Rod’s sons have no desire to leave their school and friends in the UK to go to America, the person said.

Rod has spent almost five decades traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and his family home in Essex, a large property named Durrington House that he and Penny acquired for $5.8 million in 2016.

However, according to a second source, the chart-topper, who has eight children by five women, has the full support of all his children, including daughters Sarah Streeter, 59, Kimberly, 43, Ruby, 35, and Renee, 30, and sons Sean, 42, Liam, 28, Alastair, and Aiden.

They all understand how happy dad and Penny are living there, and all they desire is for their father to be happy, says one of the children.

Rod relocated to Los Angeles in 1975, a decade after launching his solo career. His skill catapulted him to superstardom shortly after jumping ponds.

He has had 11 number one songs and 12 number-one albums in his career, selling over 130 million copies.

Rod has always regarded the United Kingdom as his home. Los Angeles was all he wanted it to be at the moment, but it is clear that he no longer prefers the city. It’s simply become too poisonous, and he has no privacy in the city.

Rod’s daughter Ruby and her fiancé Jake Kalick welcomed Otis Stewart Kalick on May 9.

Then, on May 12, Rod’s ice hockey star son Liam and his girlfriend Nicole Ann announced the birth of their first child, Louie.

He recently uploaded images of himself with both of his grandchildren and seemed to be overjoyed. Fans are aware that he frequently updates his social media with family news.

Rod became a grandpa for the first time in 2011, when his daughter Kimberly and actor Benicio Del Toro had Delilah, now 11 years old.

Rod is extremely loyal to his family and is very close to them all, the source continues. He is in an incredible position in his life and is overjoyed to be a grandpa to his three grandkids.

Nonetheless, his choice to leave Los Angeles for good is bittersweet.

Rod bought the mansion he recently listed for $70 million in 1991, when he was married to model Rachel Hunter, as those who follow his famous family know.

He spent $12 million on the site and custom-built the Beverly Hills house. Since then, he has lived in the magnificent 33,000 square foot mansion created by legendary California architect Richard Landry.

The nine-bedroom estate has a three-story guesthouse, two gyms, and a pool. A large soccer field is unique to the site.

Countless celebrities and other high-profile people have departed California in recent years, where taxes on the wealthy have increased and crime rates have skyrocketed.

Jim Carey, 61, who bought his Brentwood property for $3.8 million in 1994, offered it for a stunning $28.9 million after declaring his intention to retire from acting.

Mark Wahlberg claimed late last year that he was leaving California to give his kids a “better life” in income-tax-free Nevada.

Tesla CEO and now ‘Chief Twit’ Elon Musk has declared he will migrate to Texas in 2020 after a fight with California politicians over government shutdowns during the COVID-19 issue.

Actor Scott Baio is the latest celebrity to depart Los Angeles, claiming violence and homelessness as reasons for his desire to leave.

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