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Rod Stewart Holds His Newborn Grandsons Born A Few Days Apart After Two Past Baby Losses.

Rod Stewart is a well-known singer-songwriter with a lengthy musical career. The singer has a vast family as well.

Rod has been married three times, and his third wife, Penny Lancaster, has disclosed facts about their marriage, including how they became pregnant and had children.

The musician became a grandfather when his son and daughter had their first children a few days apart.

Rod Stewart’s son, Liam Stewart, announced on Instagram that he welcomed his first child on May 12, 2023. He said that his kid was of American, British, Croatian, and Kiwi ancestry. He said that the child’s name was Louie Mark Roderick Stewart.

Rod, whose full name is likewise Roderick, inspired the child’s name. Along with the news, Liam released a photo of his kid. The infant was dressed in a Celtic shirt, a beanie, and a white baby blanket.

Ruby Stewart, Rod’s daughter, also announced the birth of her first child. She said that her son, Otis Stewart Kalick, was born on May 9, 2023, weighing 8 pounds and 8 ounces.

Ruby announced the news with a photo of her child. Her hand supported the newborn’s head while the infant sat on her lap.

Ruby also posted a photo of Rod holding his grandson. Ruby was beaming at her infant, who was in Rod’s hands, as she placed her hand over her father’s shoulder. Rod, on the other hand, smiled at the camera.

Ruby’s first child was asleep in his grandfather’s hand, sucking on a dummy. The infant was dressed in a bright green baby blanket and a green and white beanie.

Rod also posted photographs of himself hugging his grandkids on Instagram. Rod was holding Otis in one photo and Louie in another. In the message, he said, “Happy Granddad.”

Rod is overjoyed to be a grandpa, particularly since his wife Penny confessed that they had two miscarriages while trying to conceive.

Rod’s fourth kid is Ruby. The singer has eight kids. Ruby was born on June 17, 1987. Her mother is Rod’s ex-girlfriend, former model Kelly Emberg.

Ruby, like her father, is a successful singer. She was a member of the country music duet “The Sisterhood,” which released an album before disbanding in 2021.

Ruby is now a solo performer who sometimes performs alongside father. In June 2022, the composer posted a video of himself and his daughter performing “Ooh La La,” a 1998 hit tune.

Ruby is also a model, having appeared in ads for major companies including “The Nashville Edit,” “Vogue Italia,” and “Glamour Italia.”

The model revealed her pregnancy in January 2023, and she has already given birth to her first kid. She posted a moving ultrasound picture on Instagram.

Rod’s sixth kid is Liam. He is the son of the musician and his second wife, New Zealand model Rachel Hunter. Liam was born on September 5, 1994, and is a professional hockey player.

The forward has formerly played for the “Spokane Chiefs,” “Alaska Aces,” and “Milton Keynes Lightning.”

Liam has a close relationship with his younger brothers and once provided fans with a peek inside Rod’s holiday by sharing amusing photos of the singer’s lads having fun.

Liam announced in January 2023 that he and his partner, Nicole Artukovich, were expecting their first child together, whom they have now welcomed.

He announced the news with a sweet video of their pregnancy journey, titled ‘Mom + Dad | Baby Boy Joins Us in May’.

Rod has wonderful kids, but he suffered emotional pain when he and his wife attempted to conceive their last two kids.

When Penny and Rod attempted to have kids, they encountered personal difficulties. Penny said that she experienced two miscarriages before giving birth to her two kids with Rod.

Penny broke the news during an interview with the “Loose Women” panel. She said that following her losses, she was scared to tell Rod she was pregnant because she didn’t want to raise his expectations.

Rod and Penny also attempted IVF and were eventually blessed with two kids. Alastair Wallace Stewart, their first child, was born on November 27, 2005. According to their numerous Instagram photos together, Alastair and his father are close.

Rod allegedly admitted to having a sex conversation with Alastair after learning that his son was now dating a female. The singer said that he taught his son the dos and don’ts, but Alastair, who found the chat embarrassing, stated that he knew everything since he had access to the internet.

The 17-year-old model was recently featured in a billboard ad for “Palm Angels,” a premium apparel company.

On February 16, 2011, Rod and Penny had their second child, Aiden Patrick Stewart. Rod told the media when Aiden was born that he intended to spend more time with his children now that he was retired.

The artist also said that he was preparing a large trip with his children, despite the fact that it was difficult for him to bring them together at the same time owing to their hectic schedules. “But I am so proud of them,” he said.

Rod undoubtedly spent more time with his children while attending Aiden’s games. He said Aiden got blue and unconscious while playing football in December 2022. The singer went on to say that they first feared their kid was having a heart attack, but it turned out to be a panic attack.

Rod is a happy father and grandpa, as his children continue to shower him with grandchildren. Images of the musician spending time with his grandchildren show that he is eager to don the grandpa hat.

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