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Dan Tanna From ‘Vegas’ Had Untimely Death At 55 – He ‘Lives On’ Through His Kids And ‘Striking’ Grandkids.

Robert Urich was most known for his roles as Dan Tanna in “Vega$” and Spenser in “Spenser: For Hire.” In real life, the actor had a loving wife and kids before passing tragically and unexpectedly at the age of 55.

His grandkids surfaced in fresh images in May 2023, but their grandpa died before they could meet them. “The Robert Urich Story – An Extraordinary Life,” one of the actor’s biographies, revealed the touching account of how he met his second wife, Heather Menzies.

He met Menzies after his first marriage to actress Barbara Rucker, whom he’d been with for six years, ended in 1974. When the two actors appeared together in Libby’s Corned Beef Hash ad, Robert became acquainted with the second actress.

When she met Robert at the age of 23, Menzies was not searching for a romance with another actor. The actress had saved money for a trip to Europe, where she planned to travel and sleep in hostels.

She’d go to Scotland to see relatives, hitchhike around Europe, and remain for as long as she could afford it. The actress had already booked her plane ticket for the month-long vacation and couldn’t wait to leave Hollywood behind.

But the possibility of her absence made him feel “daunted.” He questioned Menzies one day and asked if she was really going, to which she said “Yes” and offered him to accompany her.

Robert paid their utility payment and went against his nature by booking his ticket and traveling, seeing no reason not to join her. His fiancée thought his behavior was out of character, yet it was in Europe that they “fell in love.”

When the young couple flew to Europe after just a few weeks of dating, their acquaintances thought they were nuts! Backpacking and staying in hostels were out since Robert had an American Express card!

The couple stayed at B&Bs and leased a vehicle for three weeks until the card ran out of money. The pair traveled from the Isle of Sky to Paris and slept at a hotel with a direct view of the Eiffel Tower, where Robert read poetry to Menzies as she bathed in an ancient bathtub.

In retrospect, the actress believes that’s when their two souls fused, and they realized they’d spend their lives together from then on. When they returned home, Menzies dropped by Robert’s residence and asked her whether they should go to her place to feed her cat or remain and feed his dog.

When she responded that it would be better if they went to retrieve her cat instead, her reaction fit his train of thought, and that’s how they moved in together! On November 21, 1975, a year after their first encounter, they married until he died.

The couple’s son, Dr. Ryan Urich, said in 2019 that his parents’ relationship worked since they didn’t attempt to impress or manipulate each other like other celebrities. He said that they had understood each other and that a great day for them would be anything as long as they were not separated.

The actress from “The Sound of Music” and her husband may not have had the longest marriage, but it was magnificent when he became a father of three. We also investigate Robert’s death.

Robert’s wife had multiple miscarriages before he could become a parent. The couple ultimately adopted three kids: Ryan, their only son, and Emily and Allison, their daughters.

In a 2019 interview, Robert’s son characterized his father as “very communicative” and “really mellow.” Ryan recalls being in trouble at school, and rather than yelling or punishing him, the actor sat on the floor with his knees bowed and asked him what was going on.

The celebrity made a gentle attempt to get to know his kid. According to the doctor, Robert was “equally sensitive” to Emily and Allison as he was to Ryan, and “he was always proud of us kids — every little baby step we took.”

Menzies’ son claimed his father died two days before one of his sisters’ fourth birthdays, but after a six-year struggle with illness, he still played with her. Ryan said that his father was diagnosed with the condition three times.

The first time was “hard” and “shaken,” but he had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (chemo). Robert’s hair fell out and then came back, and he was delighted that it was a manageable quantity. “He just wanted to keep going!” his son said of his father’s profession.

Following that, he was cast in National Geographic’s “On Assignment,” in which he traveled to several locations. Ryan’s father’s illness resurfaced when he was graduating high school, and he took him to the hospital for treatment while feeling awful for how sensitive his father had become to even the tiniest bump in the road.

In 2002, the actor passed away from the illness while being with his family in a Thousand Oaks hospital. Ryan chose medicine since he couldn’t help his father physically but wanted to help others, and Emily became an ER nurse, and they manage The Urich Foundation, a cancer charity, with the doctor saying: “He lives on through his children.”

Menzies died in 2017 at the age of 68, barely four weeks after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, yet she was not in agony. Robert and his wife also left behind grandkids in addition to their children.

Ryan was born in 1979, Emily followed a year later in 1980, and Allison completed the family in 1998. Menzies was the only one who got to meet her grandkids, Michelle and Lana, who were born in 2004 and 2005, respectively.

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