Trans inmate who impregnated two women in jail is moved to men’s prison

A transgender prisoner who caused the pregnancies of two other convicts at the sole women’s jail in New Jersey has been transferred to a male facility where she is being housed in a vulnerable unit.

Demi Minor was transferred in June from the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility where she is currently serving a 30-year term for fatally killing her previous foster dad.

Minor, 27, claims that while being moved to GSCF, guards misgendered her, physically assaulted her, and even put her on suicide watch after she attempted to kill herself.

Minor stated in a post on her Justice 4 Demi blog that she was singled out by correctional officials, with one of them making fun of her when she sought to have a woman conduct a strip search. She stated that she was battered during the move in a different post.

She said that while she was temporarily detained in the New Jersey State Prison, officers repeatedly referred to her as “a male.”

In April, the New Jersey Department of Corrections disclosed that Minor had caused the pregnancies of two other inmates at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility. This brought attention to Minor’s case.

The prisoner said that while she was permitted to keep her makeup, she is aware that using it “is a death wish.”

In her letter, Minor stated, that she has accepted that she is in a male institution, but she have not embraced nor will she ever consent to or acknowledge that she is anything other than a woman who happens to be transgender.

Minor accused guards of abusing her and threatening her in a vicious blog post.

According to Minor, a guard once allegedly said to her, “I don’t give a f*** what you do. There is no camera here. Everybody is a male, even you.”

Minor spent a short moment in the care of the New Jersey State Prison, when she said more troubling events occurred.

By placing her in one of the most dangerous adolescent correctional facilities, the Department of Corrections, Minor said, has breached her right to be secure and free from sexual harassment.

While residing here at GYSC, she has discovered that young offenders who are immature and just uneducated regarding a person like her have attacked her.

Minor said that her expulsion from Edna Mahan was a result of the events that took place more than two months earlier.

She claimed that by placing her in one of the most dangerous child detention facilities, they had violated her right to a safe environment and an environment free from sexual harassment.

The trans prisoner said that ‘ignorant’ younger inmates were also attacking her.

On Saturday, she was in line for her prescription when a prisoner cut in front of her and yelled, “I am not standing behind no fag,” the woman said. The prisoner then spat right in her face.

She claimed that by subjecting her to such triggering events, the DOC had done irreparable psychological harm to her.

She refuse to ever return to such habits or conduct because she don’t know what it’s like to live as a man, Minor wrote.

Minor also expressed dissatisfaction about the lack of TV, air conditioning, and the facility’s prohibition of LGBTQ organizations or video visits.

The unfortunate aspect is that this punishment may kill her, Minor groused, yet they say she is here for safety – please realize that she is here for punishment.

Mentally, she hasn’t been herself, and is becoming less and less of herself. This is not the place for Demi who wants to put on makeup and hang out with her pals.

After it was discovered that Edna Mahan had given birth to two prisoners, Minor was taken away from her.

Following a complaint filed by a prisoner and the ACLU, the 800-inmate Mahan facility started holding transgender women last year, including some who have not yet had gender reassignment surgery. Right now, 27 inmates are transgender.

Cell doors are left open during leisure time, a source with knowledge of the jail informed, so convicts could conceivably utilize such times to sneak into each other’s cells or slip into a restroom for quickie sex.

When Minor broke into Theotis Butts’ home in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, she was just 16 years old.

However, Minor was no longer residing with Butts, who had taken her in as a foster kid. She repeatedly stabbed Butts, 69, before escaping to New York, where she was apprehended.

She was found guilty of carjacking as well. She approached a couple, who were driving a Pontiac Grand Prix with their baby boy inside, and aimed a Glock. 45 in the woman’s direction. Before Minor sped off with the baby, the couple managed to get their infant out of the vehicle.

Minor began to transform into a woman in 2020 and was sent to Mahan after leaving the male jail system.

Minor has made an effort to rebuild her life after being imprisoned. She has taken on the role of a jailhouse attorney, defending the rights of other inmates, and represents her unit on the inmate liaison committee.

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