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VIDEO: Cheerleaders Strut Onto Field, Parents Appalled To See Their Outfits.

Any responsible parent want to protect their children’s innocence for as long as possible, but this is becoming harder as time passes and our secular culture oversexualizes young girls. Cheerleaders in high school are no exception.

Consider the uniforms used by cheerleaders from a Miami, Florida high school. To say it’s not something you’d expect a little girl to wear, much alone in public, is an understatement. Furthermore, the risqué ensembles were worn to a school occasion, where we’d anticipate some type of dress code or, at the very least, a little decency.

In lacy black underwear, these young females sauntered onto the football pitch, leaving nearly little to the imagination. As they do their dance routine, the young cheerleaders are dressed in lingerie-like attire, boots, and garters. As part of the procedure, the females use a fan to fan their faces and carry travel bags.

The great majority of these females are very certainly minors, having not completed high school. Some may be seniors of eighteen years old at most. But it is far more probable that they are minors, and some may be as young as 13 years old. The frightening footage naturally shocked viewers.

“I’d never let my high school daughter leave the house wearing that!” “The parents should be ashamed,” said one spectator. “This is terrible, borderline pedo,” another person said.

“I’m pretty much going to jail for assault and battery, child endangerment, and disorderly conduct after punching a couple administrators at the game,” posted Teddy Lee on social media. “I’m also wondering how the f**k this got past the parents.”

The barely dressed females wore blue and black, and their synchronized dance consisted largely of hip gyrations. The film then turns to the football field, where they continue their dance while the marching band from the school passes by.

To be completely honest, it disgusts me that the adults involved approved of these dresses, which look like they came from a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. One has to wonder how many of these girls’ cheering instructors witnessed them practicing and ignored them, never raising an eyebrow about their sexualized routine.

Similarly, how many parents really purchased these lingerie dresses for their high school-aged daughters to perform in? None of their parents thought it was improper for their daughter to go out onto the football pitch with a garter belt in front of the whole school?

It’s no surprise that adolescent pregnancies are so common that young females may now be featured on a reality television program for having extramarital sex and having a kid outside of marriage. We exalt the sexualization of adolescent females.

The viewer who pointed out that this is borderline pedophilic was dead on. Furthermore, I hope none of these ladies’ parents are astonished to see their beautiful child working at a downtown strip joint.

Kids learn by living, and right now, they are living like adult performers, using their bodies to attract all the wrong attention on the football field’s sidelines. Don’t believe those lessons won’t stick with them into maturity.

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