Teen Raped Multiple Times By Several Men, So The State Rules That She Can Die.

When an unknown person sexually assaulted Noa Pothoven at a school party, she was 11 years old. It occurred again when she was 12 years old. Two guys raped her in the street when she was 14 years old. She was on a gradual path to her own demise from that point on. Despite authoring a popular book on her fight with PTSD, depression, and anorexia, Noa died three years later from the effects of her tragedy.

Anyone who has experienced sexual assault understands how life-changing the trauma can be. Working through one’s pain, especially for child victims, is critical for future meaningful connections and healthy behavior.

Noa Pothoven, 17, died after the Dutch authorities consented to let her starve herself to death without legal interference. Despite reports that Noa got legal euthanasia, the state took no action to cause her death and instead decided not to stop her suicide, which does not legally constitute euthanasia.

Noa brought out the precise reason she believed suicide was the only option. Despite the Netherlands’ famous social services, she added, there is little treatment for individuals suffering from mental illnesses.

The youngster wished to die as a result of her long-term clinical depression, which is highly alarming given that clinical depression is a transient mental condition that is completely curable and controllable. In summary, with sufficient assistance, the kid may have overcome this non-permanent mental illness. Rather, her government encouraged her to commit suicide.

Noa sought euthanasia, which is permitted in the Netherlands, when she was only 16 years old. Her parents initially opposed her suicide attempt, stating the undeniable facts that she isn’t even cognitively formed and that her ailments are curable.

Noa was refused euthanasia since her parents objected. But she was permitted to starve herself a year later without being exposed to life-saving medical assistance. Euthanasia may be granted to minors as young as 12 under Dutch legislation. But Noa was unable to acquire legal clearance due to her parents’ initial reluctance.

Noa had tried to starve herself to death. She refused to eat or drink, leading hospitals to force feed her. Nonetheless, she persevered in her attempt to commit suicide. As her anorexia and melancholy grew, she was abandoned by a government overburdened by its own failed socialist programs.

Over 6,500 people were accepted for legal euthanasia in the Netherlands in 2017, accounting for little under 5% of all reported deaths. Get assistance if you or someone you know is suffering from depression or has had thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

In a really terrible ending, an adolescent girl who had been continually let down by society was eventually let down by her country. If Noa had obtained the necessary mental health treatment, or simply waited a few years until she outgrew the frivolity of youth that we all experience, she may be alive and well today.

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