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Who Is Tina Turner’s Husband? She Called Erwin Bach Her ‘Soul Mate’

Tina Turner was born in Nutbush, Tennessee, and spent the majority of her career touring the globe to play for admirers. But about 20 years ago, she left the United States and relocated to Switzerland, where she resided at home with her second husband, German record producer Erwin Bach.

After 27 years together, the couple married in 2013. They lived in Switzerland, partly veiled from the public eye, until her death at the estate at the age of 83.

On May 24, her spokesman announced her death, adding, with her, the world loses a music legend and a role model.

Turner was regarded as a rock music pioneer and a role model for overcoming a tragic background that included an abusive relationship with her ex-husband and manager, Ike Turner. She divorced the singer in 1978 and afterwards married Bach.

Continue reading to find out more about their love story, which started with a fortuitous meeting at an airport.

Bach and Turner’s initial encounter is reminiscent of a scene from a classic rom-com. Bach, a 30-year-old German music executive at the time, was assigned the responsibility of picking up Turner, a 47-year-old celebrity, from the airport.

During a sit-down with Oprah Winfrey on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” in August 2013, “The Best” singer recounted seeing Bach for the first time in 1985.

She really needed love, she said. All she needed was to love someone.

Bach then entered her life.

He was another kind of handsome, she said. Wonderful eyes. So she got in the vehicle with Erwin, and her heart was already pounding. Her hands were dripping wet, and she thought to herself, ‘Oh, my God. This is love at first sight.’

They began dating, and he proposed to her twice before she said yes. Turner was 50 when he proposed for the first time. He told Winfrey that a woman should have some kind of “commitment” at that age.

But she didn’t believe it was true.

She said that she didn’t believe him. But she didn’t want to say no since she wished to continue the relationship.

Years later, she eventually said yes, and they married in 2013.

Almost 30 years after they first met, the couple married in 2013 at their Lake Zurich property in Kusnacht, Switzerland. Turner married the same year she legally renounced her US citizenship and relocated to Switzerland.

A Swiss municipal official verified to the global news agency AFP in July 2013 that the longstanding couple married in a civil ceremony.

Turner went down the aisle to Bryan Adams’ song “All for Love,” on which she collaborated on the classic rock anthem “It’s Only Love.”

Some Swiss media sites stated at the time that the couple had a Buddhist ceremony since Turner turned to Buddhism later in life. David Bowie, Sade, and Oprah Winfrey were among the 120 people who attended the gala event.

Turner told Oprah Winfrey for “Oprah’s Next Chapter” a few months after the wedding, ”There comes a time in life where you must put things in place.”

The “Proud Mary” singer said in her 2018 book, “My Love Story,” that she began experiencing major health issues shortly after her wedding.

She wrote that she has been on such a wild roller coaster in the four years since her wedding that even she has problems keeping her medical catastrophes straight.

Turner stated that she had a stroke three months into their marriage. Her history of high blood pressure contributed to her renal troubles.

Despite the fact that she required a kidney transplant, her procedure was postponed due to a diagnosis of intestinal cancer in 2016.

After her husband donated his kidney, she had successful transplant surgery in 2017.

Turner spoke two years before her death about her advice book “Happiness Becomes You” and what gave her pleasure in life.

Decades into her collaboration with Bach, she cited him and her two sons, Craig Turner and Ronnie Turner, as sources of pleasure.

She stated at that time that some of her most joyful times in life were the birth of her beautiful baby boys, Craig and Ronnie, and marrying her partner and soul mate, Erwin Bach. As for her music, reaching No. 1 with ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ and receiving numerous Grammy Awards were thrilling experiences, and performing for her fans always felt so good, like she was flying.

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Tina Turner’s 2nd Husband Helped Her Find Happiness & True Love After Abusive 1st Marriage.

Tina Turner’s Cause Of Death Was Natural Causes, Representatives Confirm.