Woman Feels Awkward When Future Brother-In-Law Sat Too Close At The Party.

In this story, an introverted woman with social anxiety is constantly criticized by her future mother-in-law for being awkward and shy. During her fiance’s birthday dinner, the mother-in-law makes a hurtful comment that embarrasses her, and when she leaves the table, her fiance accuses her of overreacting and ruining his birthday, leading to a huge argument and a demand for an apology.

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I’ll preface this by saying that I’m an introvert. Although I’m in my 30s and have 2 kids, I’ve always struggled with being social. I have to admit that it can have a negative impact but it’s part of my personality and I’m glad everyone around me respects that and understands.

However, My FMIL whom I met after meeting my current fiance, tends to make comments about me being awkward or overly shy. She always criticize me for it and oftentimes she would bring it up in front of everyone and make me feel anxious.

My fiance’s birthday was yesterday. I’d put lots of work and preparation in order to fit in with the family and just be chill and normal. Everything was going well until we gathered at the dinner table. My FBIL came to sit with us and pulled his chair too close to mine that our hips almost touched. I felt awkward, I got up and tried to pull my chair inches away from him. He didn’t react but his mom (FMIL) was watching the whole thing and looked at me and said “Good God! You’re so uptight I bet you made your exhusband put a sheet over you each conception” followed by a laugh. I was blown away completely. People actually laughed with her and I felt so upset. I quietly got up and took my stuff and walked out. My fiance followed me outside saying I overreacted and ruined his birthday over “a joke”. I was so upset we got into a huge argument then I insisted on going home.

He came back hours later yelling about how I ruined his birthday and made a scene in front of his family. He said he was sick and tired of my uptightness and that I need to loosen up and stop acting childishly. His mom called and he’s now refusing to speak to me unless I apologize to him and his mom for storming out like that since his mom was just “giving her opinion in a funny way” and this is how she is.

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