12-Year-Old Boy Can’t Stop Smiling After Mom Brings Him to Hooters for His Birthday

Turning 12 or any age between 10 and 20 is a strange time. Having said that, this preteen kid enjoyed his big one-two in an unusual way. He visited Hooters. Yes, Hooters, the iconic franchise restaurant known for its wings, sports, and women dressed in unflattering uniforms.

However, you wonder where this kid’s parents were- his mother was present. In reality, she was the one who filmed his birthday party on TikTok. What a good time! Continue scrolling to see the video.

Though a mother took her 12-year-old kid to Hooters for his birthday, and the internet had some thoughts.

Remember when Amy Poehler, who played Regina George’s mother in Mean Girls, remarked, “I’m not like an ordinary mom, I’m a hip mom”? That’s the vibe I’m getting from this mom’s TikTok account.

Aleea, who goes by the handle @emtmomlife82, posted a video of her kid enjoying his birthday at Hooters. “Happy birthday,” a waiter exclaimed as she placed a slice of cake in front of the youngster.

Then someone else inquired, “How old are you?” to which he replied “12.”

@emtmomlife82 ♬ original sound – Aleea

The youngster, who was now wearing a wide smile, then offered the servers his undivided attention as they sang him Hooters Happy Birthday. “He desired to visit Hooters for the wings. That’s right!!! He did not order wings “In the video’s copy, his mother teased him.

“My hubby looks so pleased, I love it lol,” one person said. Another remark read: “Congratulations on your birthday. I recall discussing it with my kid on his 13th birthday.”

@emtmomlife82 then requested him to read her a stanza and interpret it. When asked whether he wanted to go to Hooters again, Alex consented, but whatever lesson he learnt about sin went in one ear and then out the other. “Hell yeah,” he said.

The video was evidently intended to further tease the issue, but not everyone found it amusing.

@emtmomlife82 #fyp #boymom ♬ original sound – Aleea

“He better beg for forgiveness after Hooters lmao,” one user said. Another person stated, “My son would never go to a location like that! He’d walk right back out if I attempted to bring him somewhere like that.”

Bottom line: Everybody has something unpleasant to say about the parenting of others. But, in my opinion, @emtmomlife82 appears to have a wonderful relationship with her kid. He appears in numerous of her videos. Furthermore, he seemed to have had a good time on his birthday.

Sure, Hooters may not be what parenting blogs prescribe, but who knows how to be a great parent anyway?

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