A famous pub has come under criticism for giving women complimentary drinks depending on their bra size.

A prominent bar has been chastised after a contentious campaign that offered free drinks to ladies according to their bra size, with the motto ‘the larger the better’.

The Woolshed on Hindley in downtown Adelaide promoted a free drink deal for those who removed their tops.

‘Hanging your bra is uncomfortable, hang it up in the shed and let loose,’ said the social media post.

‘That means you as well boys.’

Female partygoers with an A cup bra size would get one free drink, two free drinks with a B cup, and three free drinks with a C cup.

As part of the marketing, bras were displayed on the walls of the nightclub.

However, several customers rushed to social media to criticize the offer, prompting the Woolshed to cancel the event and issue a heartfelt apologies.

They would want to address the issues that have been raised in relation to a recent social media post posted by their nightclub, stated the Facebook post.

They truly apologize for making any of their customers feel uneasy and body-shamed, since this was never their aim.

Based on community comments, they have canceled the campaign and are brainstorming ideas for alternative events that encourage an enjoyable, safe, and inclusive workplace for everyone. Moving ahead, senior management will examine all promotional activities to make sure that they provide an inclusive atmosphere for all of their patrons, says the company.

One commenter called it a ‘bad idea’ and ‘seriously improper things’.

‘Do you work as a team to discuss what genuinely looks good for your company before allowing anything like this to be posted?’ Another person wrote.

‘It’s obviously a horrible idea. It doesn’t take much thought to figure it out.’

‘Whoever was in charge of promotions needs to be fired,’ commented a third, ‘there’s tons of promo ideas that work but aren’t going to (sic) offend consumers.’

The Woolshed was also chastised lately for two similar contentious ads that violated the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme’s (ABAC) ‘community norms surrounding safe alcohol usage’.

‘I don’t really like tequila, but one shot won’t hurt’, stated the promotional post in 2019, followed by the caption ‘three hours later’ and a video of a toddler dancing.

Another provided guests the opportunity to win a $150 drinks coupon by tagging ‘someone who can identify with the hardships of a Sunday hangover’, coupled with a graphic that read: ‘I think I sprained my liver’.

According to ABAC, the two postings violated national code requirements by portraying youngsters in alcohol-related marketing and inciting binge drinking.

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