A Florida man was arrested for allegedly telling his 13-year-old pregnant daughter to kill herself.

According to court documents, a Florida dad is accused of cruelly encouraging his teenage daughter to kill herself by calling her “pregnant and worthless” two days before she made an attempt.

Gared According to an arrest complaint, Wayne Canales, 33, allegedly told his 13-year-old daughter via telephone in April that she was a “whore” and should “go kill yourself.”

The kid contacted her father on speakerphone as her pals were hanging out with her in her room on April 7, which is when the savage verbal assault started.

According to reports, he called her a “b—-, sl*t wh*re” and instructed her to “f— yourself.” He interjected, “You’re not worth it,” as the girl was attempting to communicate how she felt about him. “You’re not worth it. I choose my girlfriend over you anyway, and go kill yourself.”

During the talk, he later added, “You kill yourself, just don’t say it.” According to the complaint, the assault caused the youngster to seize her brother’s baseball bat and shatter a picture of her and her father.

The youngster had texted her dad to express her intention to hurt herself before the heinous act.

On April 9, the young girl allegedly took 14 Benadryl tablets after slicing her wrist with a knife and a piece of glass due to the abuse. She was brought to the Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach, where her stomach was pumped, after informing her mother what she had done.

The Ormond Beach guy, who was discovered in Massachusetts and sent back to Florida last week, has an arrest warrant that was issued by a court on April 14.

Canales is accused of one count each of felony child abuse and misdemeanor probation violation and is presently being detained without bail in the Flagler County Jail.

On June 19, a restraining order was obtained prohibiting Canales from contacting his daughter in any way.

According to FlaglerLive, Canales’ cousin Jonathan Canales is now serving a life sentence for trying to murder his girlfriend and the mother of his kid in 2014.

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