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A young girl brings smiles dancing to modern day song.

Technology has enabled individuals to accomplish things they could never have imagined before, particularly in the fields of videography and music. This video features a fantastic mash-up of historic cinema actors from the early 1900s dancing to a new-age Bruno Mars song, ‘Uptown Funk.’ He created this in such a way that it seems like these vintage movie stars are dancing to Bruno Mars.

There’s a reason this video went viral—he rocked it!

Movie stars from “The Golden Age” of Hollywood dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ in this fantastic mash-up video.

Nerd Fest UK has almost 40k subscribers on YouTube. Their video of historical cinema actors dancing to the hit Bruno Mars song went viral on social media.

The video begins with a clip from the 1932 film ‘Red-Headed Woman’. “Uptown Funk’ begins to play as the actress loads up a vinyl record in the scene. That is when the real fun begins.

The Bruno Mars song is still playing, and Hollywood stars from a distant period known as “The Golden Age” are dancing to it.

Nerd Fest UK gathered all the appropriate footage to make the Hollywood icons effortlessly dance to Grammy-winning songs by searching through snippets from movies ranging from 1920 to 1960.

Various classic movies from the early part of the twentieth century are precisely aligned with contemporary popular music. Movies like 1949’s ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game,’ in which the renowned tap-dancing sequence meshes well with ‘Uptown Funk.’

Both ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ and ‘Small Town Girl,’ from 1953, are shown back to back. Other wonderful films followed, such as ‘Way Out West’ from 1937.

Every movie in the magnificent presentation corresponds to the chart-topping single. Most of the moments include excellent dancing, which likely contributed to the film’s success. Still, this would be a very tough endeavor to do; simply looking for the clips would take a long time.

Epic sequences appear at the conclusion of the videos ‘Stormy Weather’ from 1943, ‘Shall We Dance’ from 1937, and Easter Parade from 1949. It’s difficult to believe how nicely the music matches the old movies, but Bruno Mars does have an old school feel.

As the song nears its conclusion, the mash-up incorporates some of the most stunning dancing sequences from the “Golden Age.”

The final thirty seconds of the film are by far the greatest, beginning at 4:22 with the iconic flipping moment from 1942’s “Lady Be Good.” After that, you watch a scene from the 1942 film ‘Panama Hattie,’ in which three dancers leap from a balcony into the splits.

It concludes with a flurry of great classic movie sequences, the most recent of which is ‘That’s Entertainment, Part 2’ from 1976, the only one newer than 1960.

This is one of the most amazing mash-ups I’ve ever seen; the timing and synchrony are flawless. Watch the video below to witness classic movie stars dance to ‘Uptown Funk’!

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