After a months-long stay, a baby born weighing one pound ‘graduates’ from the NICU.

Alanie Lettsome’s graduation day was significant in its own right.

Due to his very early birth on Nov. 30, the child was compelled to spend his first five months at Broward Health Medical Center’s neonatal critical care unit after being born at just 23 weeks and weighing 1 pound, 1 ounce.

She went in for an ultrasound to determine the gender of the baby, and while they were looking, they observed that her cervix was opening. So they called her doctor, who advised her to go to the hospital. They were waiting for her, Alanie’s mother, Graysel Stuart, told.

Stuart, who resides in the US Virgin Islands’ St. Thomas, was forced to go to Fort Lauderdale, where the hospital is situated, after physicians predicted she would give birth prematurely.

Alanie was born three days after they arrived.

Dr. Johny Tryzmel, the medical director of the NICU and a neonatologist, started care for him. After spending a month on a ventilator and undergoing steroids for his lungs, stage two retinopathy of prematurity, a stage one brain bleed, and several infections, Tryzmel told that Alanie “beat the odds.”

One is talking about a baby whose chances of survival were in the 30% range, to say in the best-case scenario, around 30% or 40%, and [he] beat the odds, he said.

Each member of the team really is part of why he’s doing so well, he said. But does one understand what else is important on this team? Mommy. She was incredible. She was there every day. They want the parents to be a part of the team and their daily care plan, and she was there every day.

Alanie grew to almost 9 pounds as a result of the continual care and is now back home in the Virgin Islands.

Their main goal is to send a healthy baby home, and they treasure the chance to celebrate the NICU, Tryzmel stated in a news statement.

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