After being banned from Facebook, a man sues and wins a large sum of money.

According to a report, a guy in Georgia who was refused access to his Facebook account, where many of his personal images were saved online, initiated legal action against the business and won.

Jason Crawford of Columbus claims Facebook “terminated” his account for “no valid reason” and then did not cooperate with him to resolve the matter, so he sued.

Crawford told that he simply believes it’s bad business. It’s an awful way to treat individuals. At the very least, tell him what he did wrong.

Crawford claimed that he frequently contacted Facebook’s parent firm, Meta Platforms, which also operates Instagram and WhatsApp, but the internet giant ignored him.

Crawford had previously gotten a violation for political statements published on the network, but this time his Facebook account was fully disabled.

He stated that one Sunday morning, he awoke. When he clicked on his Facebook icon, he was locked out.

They made it clear that he was banned, he said, according to the story. It only gave him a brief glimpse of saying that he had violated their child sexual exploitation standards. And then it vanished.

Crawford discovered that contacting an actual person rather than the platform’s automated assistance system was shockingly tough.

What he found out is that the way one submits one’s appeal, or whatever, is through one’s own profile, one’s own account, he said. If one doesn’t have an account, there’s no way of submitting it, so it’s like a dog chasing its tail.

He filed a lawsuit because it became hard to locate a person to hear his appeal.

Crawford, a lawyer, described Facebook as “negligent” in his August 2022 complaint, claiming that they refused him access based on an act that did not happen.

He had, and he is not sure how one can quantify it, pictures, videos, and posts that come up as memories that he likes to look at from time to time. All that stuff that he wasn’t willing to let a bunch of bullies take away from him for no justification, he said.

Nothing transpired despite the lawsuit.

It was as if he didn’t exist and Facebook was run by a bunch of ghosts or something, Crawford stated.

And the hush persisted.

A court ordered Meta to pay him $50,000 since Facebook’s legal staff did not reply to the complaint.

That’s when he got a call from the IT firm.

He felt a little bit defended, and they activated his account again, Crawford said.

He also said that he was not suing for the money, but rather to hold the firm responsible for failing to provide him with answers.

But Crawford argues that Facebook is refusing to cooperate with the ruling and has not paid out a dollar.

Every step of the way, Facebook decides not to do the right thing, he said.

It seems like a poke in the eye, and it seems like they’re continuing to poke in the eye, Crawford explained. Punctuate the local judicial system. Make eye contact with him. Poke other users in the eye, and it’s past time for them to respect their legal system.

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