After Grandfather Calls Cops, Man Charged with Murder for Allegedly Shaking Baby ‘Because She Was Screaming’

According to several news sources, the parents of a newborn discovered dead in a garbage bag in a forested area of New York City have been detained in connection with the baby girl’s murder after a family member phoned the authorities.

Damion Comager, 23, was charged with murder, manslaughter, and concealment of a human corpse after the body of his 3-month-old daughter, Genevieve Comager, was discovered off the Major Deegan Expressway and West 161st Street in the Bronx Sunday night. Ivana Paolozzi, the baby’s mother, is charged with concealing a human corpse and hindering state administration.

According to reports, both were arraigned on the accusations on Tuesday. It was unclear if the couple had entered pleas or hired counsel to represent them.

According to the medical examiner’s office, the infant’s cause of death deserves more examination, although the manner of death was judged to be murder.

Comager reportedly admitted to the murder over the phone to his dad, saying he shook the infant as she wouldn’t stop screaming on May 14.

He told him that he shook her since she was screaming, and then he went to sleep, and when he woke up, she was stiff and cold, the suspect’s father, Donald Comager, told. According to the father, he subsequently phoned the officers and requested a welfare check, which resulted in the shocking finding.

He believes it was an accident. He needed to say something. He couldn’t say anything, Comager continued.

Damion Comager reportedly packed his daughter’s corpse in a bag after she died, then abandoned her under a pedestrian bridge with the assistance of Paolozzi. The couple was apparently sleeping at a housing shelter near the murder site with their infant.

Citing police sources, a stroller used by the parents to move the baby’s corpse to the off-ramp was also found.

A GoFundMe page was set up to assist loved ones with the expenses of Genevieve’s burial.

“I am writing to inform you of the tragic loss of a precious baby girl, Genevieve Comager, who was a bright light in this world and taken far too soon,” states the campaign.

“Because the Comager family was not prepared for the financial burden that follows such a loss, they are struggling to find the funds to cover the efforts to get Genevieve back home to Louisiana, as well as the costs associated with a proper funeral service.”

The probe is still ongoing.

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