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All About about Maya Brady, Tom Brady’s niece and a star UCLA softball player.

Not only is Tom Brady regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, but Maya Brady, another Brady relative, is a prominent softball player.

Since 2020, Maya, the oldest child of Tom’s elder sister Maureen, has been slamming it out of the park at UCLA.

She has hit 54 home runs, 178 RBIs, and 170 runs in her time as a UCLA Bruin. She won trophies for her impressive numbers, which included a.448 batting average in her final year, including the PAC-12 Player of the Year and PAC-12 Batting Champion in 2023.

Many people have been impressed by Maya’s accomplishments on the softball field, especially her uncle Tom, who often extols her virtues on social media. In fact, the GOAT-like former NFL quarterback even said on Twitter that Maya is the “most dominant athlete in the Brady family…by far!”

Maya expressed her admiration for her uncle’s support for her by saying, She believes it’s amazing, knowing she has his support. To her, he resembles a father figure. Knowing that what she does makes him proud is good.

Given the many things he must do, she remarked, she is very thankful that he’s simply so supportive of him. It’s incredibly great to watch him acknowledge the family member who is the most athletic.

Who is Maya Brady, then? The softball star’s bond with her uncle, football icon Tom Brady, is detailed here.

She was raised by athletes in her family.

There was no lack of athletic genes in Maya Brady’s family when she was born on June 1, 2001, in San Mateo, California. First off, Maureen Brady, her mother, was an All-American pitcher for the Fresno State University women’s softball team. She helped the team win two Women’s College World Series championships in 1992 and 1994 and presently has the ninth-best record in school history with 80 victories.

Tom Brady, the renowned NFL quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl victor, has an older sister named Maureen. Their other sister, Nancy, was a notable softball player, and their sister, Julie, was a collegiate soccer star who is now married to Kevin Youkilis, a former Major League Baseball player and two-time World Series winner.

Because of the Brady family’s athleticism, there is a healthy feeling of competitiveness among the members, especially when they go on their annual summer vacation. In 2018, Tom shared a video of a particularly fierce family game of dodgeball on Instagram. Maya may be seen in the video tossing dodgeballs towards her uncle with her powerful arm.

They all just love sports and love being competitive, she said of her competitive family. They all like winning; therefore, that’s their common denominator. One gets bragging rights, especially in such a tight family.

Since she was nine years old, she had dreamed of playing softball at UCLA.

Maya started playing softball at the age of 4, and by the time she was nine, she was set on playing for UCLA. After seeing UCLA softball win the Women’s College World Series in 2010, she developed a liking for the team at that young age.

Maya saw her first UCLA softball game at age 9, and after that, her ambition to play for the best team only grew. Maya, her mother, and her uncle Tom were invited to a meet-and-greet with the squad after the game by her travel softball coach. Young Maya (who also attended summer softball programs at the institution) remembered to ESPN how star-struck she was to see her softball heroes in person.

Maya said she recalls feeling really anxious since it was her first UCLA game that she had ever been to. When the coaches would ask her questions as a bashful 9-year-old, she would just smile and stare at her mother since she couldn’t even talk.

She said that going there and being in that environment around the team and coaches really made her a die-hard UCLA fan, especially when they won the World Series.

In high school, she was the No. 2 softball recruit in the nation.

From an early age, Maya’s abilities on the softball field were clear. In order for Maya to play for the OC Batbusters, one of the oldest and most successful travel softball programs in the nation, her mom Maureen relocated Maya and her younger sister Hannah from northern to southern California.

Maya excelled as a high school softball player at Oaks Christian High School in Thousand Oaks, California. By the time she graduated in 2019, she had led her team to three league titles and received several medals and distinctions. According to The Los Angeles Times, she made a freshman commitment to play for her chosen school, UCLA, and by her senior year, she was regarded as the No. 2 softball prospect in the nation.

However, none of Maya’s achievements were attained without sacrifice on her part and that of her family.

“It’s really hard on the families. You are in the car, on the road, every weekend, at 4 o’clock or 4:30 in the morning”, according to her mother Maureen.

She said, I am just really proud of her hard work. I’m proud of her commitment. When you get to the level she’s at, it’s such a commitment.”

Tom Brady is a “father figure” to her, despite the fact that she was raised by a single mother.

When Maya was 9 years old, her parents, Maureen and Brian Timmons, divorced. After they divorced, Maureen raised Maya and Hannah, who is seven years younger, on her own. Hannah plays volleyball, so she planned her schedule around the activities of both daughters’ sports teams while working as a traveling nurse.

Maya expressed that she honestly doesn’t know if anybody works harder than her mom; seeing how she handles life is on another level. She continually reminds her that nothing comes easy and that life may be harsh and cruel, so she takes what her mother says and attempts to put it into practice in her own life, whether that be in the classroom or on the field.

Maya attributes her uncle Tom, in addition to her mom, with being “more of a father figure” than an uncle.

They’re very close, Maya said. In general, her family and she are quite close, but Uncle Tommy and she have a very tight relationship.

She excelled at softball while attending UCLA.

Maya has established a reputation in the softball world after enrolling at UCLA as a freshman in 2019. She was awarded the PAC-12 Player and Rookie of the Week in February 2020 after hitting four home runs and scoring nine runs before the COVID-19 epidemic forced the cancellation of her rookie season. Maya won the Softball America Freshman Player of the Year honor despite having a short season, as she still managed to hit seven home runs and score 22 runs.

Her success continued over the next three seasons, and she began 2023 by shattering a UCLA record that had held for more than 20 years when she recorded 11 straight singles. By the conclusion of the 2023 campaign, she had earned the titles of PAC-12 Player of the Year, USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year Top 10 Finalist, and PAC-12 Batting Champion.

Tom, who has received recognition in the past, joined in on the congratulations for his niece on his Instagram Story.

The former NFL quarterback shared a screenshot of Maya’s prize and remarked, “Amazing season @mayabrady,” along with it. “LFG.”

Even though Maya has won several accolades and trophies over her four years at UCLA, the infielder has said that she values the success of her team more than any individual accolades.

According to Maya, she doesn’t really care about personal accomplishments that much. Winning is more important to her than being a recognized All-American.

The “most athletic person” in the Brady family, according to Tom Brady, is Maya.

Not only did Maya’s uncle Tom sing her praises when she won the PAC-12 Player of the Year award, He has often praised his niece’s athletic prowess, even going so far as to label her the Brady family’s top athlete.

After Maya homered to drive in three runs in March 2021, Tom tweeted about her “dominant” performance.

Maya Brady is by far the most accomplished athlete in the Brady clan. The legendary NFL player declared on Twitter (now called X).

Additionally, he stated in 2019 that Maya is the “most athletic person” in the Brady family.

The former NFL quarterback doesn’t just praise his niece; he also closely monitors her softball season and even makes appearances at games. He thanked Maya in June 2022 for her two home runs, which helped the Bruins stay in the Women’s College World Series.

Tom tweeted, “Must run in the family (sorry mom!),” along with a clip from one of Maya’s plays. In 20 minutes, the winner takes it all. “LET’S GO!”

Also in April 2023, Tom watched from the UCLA stands as Maya and the Bruins defeated Arizona State. He shared a number of images and videos on Instagram in a post about the game.

“A park at night. Big W! @uclasoftball!” he captioned the photo. I love you Uncle Tommy,” Maya said in response to her uncle in the comments section. I appreciate you coming.

The top softball player has always valued her uncle’s encouragement. She told in 2022 that he clearly has a lot of influence on her. He plays a significant role in her life; therefore, it’s comforting to understand that he is rooting for her.

She has been to each of Tom Brady’s ten Super Bowls.

Tom not only cheers on his niece from the audience, but Maya also attended to see her uncle perform at the top level. Maya has actually seen all 10 of Tom’s Super Bowl appearances.

Even though Maya has attended every Super Bowl, the first time television cameras captured her was in the NFC Divisional Playoff game in January 2022. Maya went there to stand by her uncle, who was then the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Maya posted a tribute to honor her uncle’s retirement from football on social media, which included a picture of the infant Maya holding a football on the great quarterback’s lap.

Her boyfriend is a UCLA football player.

Maya and James Dinneen have been dating at least since July 2022, when they were seen together at the ESPY Awards, where Maya was an award presenter. According to his Bruins player biography, Dinneen played linebacker for the UCLA football team before graduating in 2022.

On each of their social media profiles, the pair has posted brief snapshots of their relationship, like Maya cheering Dinneen on from the stands at UCLA football games and Dinneen going with Maya to the 2022 ESPYs.

On her 22nd birthday in June 2023, Dinneen sent a nice message to her lover on Instagram. In his message, he said, “Happy 22nd Birthday to the love of my life and my best friend for the rest of time.” ““You are such a special person and I can’t wait to experience the world with you 💗🥰🫶🏼.”

She participated in two softball games for Team USA.

Maya has twice played softball for Team USA, which has represented the United States internationally. She first went to Japan in 2022 with the squad for an All Star Series, an event she described as a “dream.”

She posted a picture of herself wearing the Team USA outfit while competing in Japan, “Living little Mymy’s dream.”

Maya said in another Instagram post that representing Team USA in Japan was “an honor.”

“This game has given me the opportunity to live out my dreams with the people I love🫶,” Maya wrote alongside the series of photos. “It was truly an honor to wear the red, white, and blue.”

She was named to the roster once again in 2023 and would play for the United States at the World Softball Confederation World Cup in Dublin, Ireland, in July of that year.

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