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Crying 5-year-old rings random doorbell for assistance after school bus makes incorrect stop in 105-degree heat.

In a distressing incident, a five-year-old boy found himself in tears as he was compelled to ring a stranger’s doorbell after being dropped off at the wrong bus stop in scorching 105-degree heat. Kelly Mullholland, a mother from Oklahoma, shared this heart-wrenching incident on TikTok, shedding light on her son’s harrowing journey home from school.

In the unsettling video clip, the young boy could be seen becoming increasingly distraught as he pressed the Ring video doorbell and pleaded, “Could you help me find my mommy?”

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Kelly uploaded the footage of the incident to her TikTok account, accompanied by an explanation of what transpired on the bus. She described the experience as her “literal worst nightmare” when she went to collect her son from the bus stop and discovered he was not there.

According to Kelly, her son had been riding the school bus with her boyfriend’s five-year-old daughter. However, neither of them disembarked when the bus arrived an hour late at their designated stop.

Kelly acknowledged that she could have overlooked the bus being tardy, as mishaps can occur, but what she could not forgive was the fact that her child was missing at the stop.

Understandably, Kelly went into a state of panic when the bus driver could not provide information about where the two children had exited the bus.

The mother stated that she had to rely on older students on the bus, who informed her that the children had gotten off at the previous stop.

Kelly pointed out that the bus driver had failed to follow the procedure, neglecting to check the tags attached to the children’s backpacks, which are meant to indicate the correct stop for each child.

While she was on a frantic phone call with her boyfriend explaining the situation, a car pulled up, and a man inside informed the worried mother that two children had been ringing his video doorbell and attempting to communicate with him.

Kelly rushed to the man’s house, but by the time she arrived, the children were nowhere to be found. The man, along with other neighbors, joined forces to search for the school children and eventually located them a few houses away from where they had rung the doorbell.

The family subsequently reported the incident to the Department of Transportation. Kelly mentioned that she was informed that “actions were going to be taken” against the driver involved, although she was uncertain if he remained employed.

It’s important to note that the school was not held responsible for this incident, as the bus operated independently from the school. Kelly did not place any blame on the school for what transpired.

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