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Beyoncé Handles Minor Wardrobe Malfunction Skillfully During London’s Renaissance Show – Watch!

Beyoncé isn’t dubbed the “Queen” for nothing.

The Grammy-winning performer, 41, stunned audiences at her fifth gig in London for her sold-out Renaissance World Tour with a completely new stage outfit for her performance of “America Has a Problem.”

On the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium stage, the “Cuff It” singer did her regular shuffling routine for the track, but this time in a sculptural little dress covered in gold, silver, and black sequins. The bejeweled ensemble also included a stunning headdress coated in the same colored sequins.

However, as glamorously avant-garde as it was, it produced a little wardrobe malfunction for the celebrity.

Beyoncé is seen dancing to her choreography in a fan-filmed video released on TikTok, forcing the hat to slip down her forehead and over her eyeglasses barely seconds into the song.

She managed the slip, though, like the expert that she is.

@rasulmstr RWT London Day 5!! #renaissanceworldtour #london #beyhive #beyonce #americahasaproblem #americahasaproblembeyonce ♬ original sound – ras

Beyoncé catches the hat and keeps it in place before it falls off fully in the video. She laughs through the gaffe, shrugging it aside since the performance must go on! She ultimately removed the headpiece and hurled it behind her on stage before continuing with her routine.

Beyoncé had a similar issue with her previous wardrobe for “America Has a Problem.”

Since the start of her performance series on May 10, she’s been wearing a handmade Mugler bee costume that went viral among Beyhive fans for its couture campiness. During a prior stay in London, though, a piece of the headpiece came off, leaving it with one fewer designer-made antenna.

Given that this is Beyoncé’s first performance appearance in seven years, after the release of her Renaissance album in July, the singer-songwriter went all out in terms of dress.

Tiffany & Co. was named the official jeweler of the Renaissance World Tour last month. So far, the collaboration has outfitted Beyoncé with 4.5-carat diamond-encrusted in-ear monitors and a set of “Renaissance” hang earrings.

She has collaborated with a number of designer labels to create a collection of items designed particularly for her.

Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo’s creative director, recently told Vogue that she and her team were tasked with creating 41 pairs of shoes that “really sparkled.” Choi claims that the business was also had to build the artist’s footwear with utility and comfort in mind (Beyoncé performs for about three hours).

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