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Bride Goes Viral After Spending $1,950 On Chili’s Takeout For Her 100-Guest Wedding: ‘Can’t Beat The Price’

Madison Mulkey knew she intended to present an all-Chili’s dinner at her recent Savannah, Georgia, wedding.

They loved the price point. One really can’t beat that price point — one just can’t, she remarked on May 14 in a TikTok video. It’s ridiculous that they only spent that much money on wedding food.

Mulkey, who married in March, said in the popular video that she and her husband spent a total of $1,950 on their wedding meal, which fed 99 people.

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While going with catering saved them money, Mulkey acknowledged that supplying Chili’s takeout needed a lot more effort on the backend.

She stated that usually when one orders from Chili’s, they deliver… they bring it, and they set it all up. It’s already made; all that remains is for people to serve.

However, since their wedding was on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the restaurant was completely booked, and the meal had to be picked up 7 hours before it was set to be served at the reception. Mulkey noted that she was fortunate that her aunt, who works in food service, was able to assist with organizing, labeling, and correctly preparing the supper so that it was hot and ready by the time the visitors arrived.

Mulkey said that they had to hire servers who were actually meant to be cleaning, serving, preparing, and doing a lot of the cooking, and her coordinator had to sort of demonstrate to them what to do and take on a role that she wasn’t really supposed to do and they weren’t supposed to do either. But, thankfully, everyone made it work.

She continued that their situation was unusual. She is certain that if one ordered from Chili’s in any other way, they’d serve it and it’d all be so easy.

Mulkey, on the other hand, was enthused about the meal.

The food was fantastic, and other people said so, too, she added, but they could have been lying to them.

Mulkey and her husband picked a variety of menu options to fulfill the demands of their customers. The menu included everything from chicken tender sliders to egg rolls, noodles, and salad.

She said that it was the ideal wedding meal and is so glad they went with Chili’s.

Mulkey’s eating choice elicited diverse reactions on the internet.

While one person commented, “I would be so hype to find out the wedding food was Chili’s,” another criticised the extra effort that the meal imposed on the hired staff.

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“As a wedding planner, that is so unfair to the planner and servers,” said one customer.

Another said she served Chipotle at her wedding but ‘placed it in prettier containers, and people thought we had a personalized taco bar’.

“Iconic,” said the verified Chili’s account of its wedding client.

Someone else stated that they are intending to order “Olive Garden catering” for their own wedding, to which Mulkey replied, “Yesssss do it!”

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