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Cardi B hurls a microphone at a fan when they throw a drink at her.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of fans acting inappropriately at performances, sparking several scandals and demands for concertgoers to mellow down and treat singers with respect.

Fans are asking why others purposefully hurl phones and heavy things on stage when they are meant to be admiring the music, after one incidence of a phone being thrown left singer Bebe Rexha with a nasty laceration to her eye.

But it was not the most recent incidence; in fact, it has been increasing.

Cardi B was approached by an audience member who opted to hurl her drink at the artist during a recent performance of ‘Bodak Yellow’ in Las Vegas.

Cardi B, however, was not going to take that disrespect lying down and promptly tossed her microphone directly towards the individual guilty while fans and the MC expressed their amazement and alarm over what had just occurred.

After the footage was shared on social media, with viewers focusing on the alleged dispute between the artist and an audience member, many fans were both perplexed and proud of the rapper throughout the event.

As shown in the video, which was shot at the moment of the event, the singer doesn’t waste any time recovering and instantly leaps into action.

“Nah, Cardi need to be somebody quarterback, why it land perfectly” one Twitter user said of her microphone toss.

Another was perplexed as to why somebody would spoil a performance for themselves.

”Ion get why people waste money for a concert just to do some stupid f**king s**t to just end up getting kicked out”’ they wrote.

Though one commenter expressed dissatisfaction with female rappers and the nature of their music, writing: “Am I the only person that say that people is getting sick and tired of these wack a** female rappers that made a come up on TikTok and reality TV. Rapping about their private parts.”

While many people expressed their support for the ‘WAP’ rapper in the comments section, others concentrated on the music quality during the stage assault, writing: “As a music lover, I’m just annoyed the entire song is playing when she’s supposed to be performing.”

But, with so many celebrities, like Adele, coming out to tell fans that throwing stuff on stage isn’t nice, it’s surprising that these occurrences continue to take place.

Would you toss a drink at your favorite rapper at a concert?

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