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Caretaker’s Pregnancy Tea Calms Morning Sickness of Pregnant Zoo Orangutan: “She Loved it”

Eirina, a Denver Zoo orangutan, is happily enjoying her pregnancy, thanks to her caregiver.

The primate mother-to-be began feeling morning sickness and discomfort early in her pregnancy. Eirina’s animal care professionals soon noted that she was eating less, was tired, and did not appear like herself.

“She has never been pregnant.” “This is all new to her,” Cindy Cossaboon, an animal care expert at the Denver Zoo stated.

Cindy continues that Eirina quickly showed signs of discomfort. She went from playing all day to hating to leave her nest. When they came in, she was in her nest, wrapped in blankets up to her neck. She didn’t want to eat or drink anything.

Eirina’s moo is familiar to Cossaboon, who has been caring for the orangutan since it came at the Denver Zoo from Germany’s Dortmund Zoo in 2016.

Cindy says of her bond with Eirina that Eirina was eight years old at the time. She was just a child at the time. Cindy’s is German, and I lived in Germany until I was 14 years old. As a result, she understood cultural shock. Fortunately, she was able to communicate with her in German. She’d like to think it aided Eirina move to the United States.

She says that if she were to define Eirina as a person, she would say she is quite reserved until one gets to know her. Once one becomes her friend, she is one of the most hilarious people one will ever meet. Normally, orangutans have very subtle facial expressions, but Eirina does not. She has a beautiful grin with really huge teeth.

When Cindy saw pregnant Eirina’s grin diminish, she went in quest of answers to the animal’s misery. The orangutan’s caregivers attempted numerous natural remedies for morning sickness, such as ginger, but none worked.

That’s when she remember the tea she drank when she was pregnant, remembers Cossaboon.

She says that she was pregnant at a high risk, so she started taking this tea in the hopes that it would help. She discovered that it truly helped her morning sickness.

The tea was described as a “traditional medicinal pregnancy tea” with components such as raspberry leaf, spearmint, stinging nettle, and fennel fruit.

Cindy explains that it was one of the few things that helped her. She discussed her next steps with her managers, veterinarian team, and nutrition team to see if this was something they could try with Eirina.

Cindy began preparing tea for the orangutan after receiving consent from Eirina’s zoo crew. Eirina loved it from the first taste.

When orangutans enjoy the taste of something, they will swish it around in their mouth to savor it. Cindy delivered Eirina’s tea. She rose from her nest. She took a drink from her straw and swished away, looking like a chipmunk with her enormous cheeks. She loved it, Cindy recounts of pregnant Eirina’s first taste of the tea.

Eirina and Cossaboon now have a morning tea ritual.

When Cindy get there in the morning, she make her tea. She go check on her while it’s oozing. She is usually curled up beneath her blankets in her nest. She then go bring her tea, and when she sees her approaching, she sits up and prepares to sip it. She is more active and eats her breakfast after she has had her tea, the animal care professional adds.

Eirina’s demeanor and health have improved since she began drinking the tea, according to Cindy and her other caregivers. The orangutan is slowing down as she approaches her delivery window, but Eirina is still looking for attention and activities after her daily tea.

Cindy adds that her guess is that before school begins, they will have a brand new baby.

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