Dads in Florida Celebrate Their First Father’s Day After Adopting Six Siblings: ‘Instantly in Love’

A Florida family is planning an extra-special Father’s Day!

Dustin and Daniel Johnson adopted six kids, siblings aged three to eleven, who had been living in five separate foster homes before the couple entered the scene.

Dustin and Daniel said that they “instantly fell in love” with the kids when they first met them. They are now spending their first Father’s Day as a forever family, having gone through the matching and adoption processes.

The couple’s path to parenthood started six years ago when Dustin and Daniel decided to seek adoption. The pair spotted a need in their neighborhood near Tampa Bay and decided to assist.

They understood they desired a sibling group, Dustin said to Family Equality, a non-profit that helps LGBTQ+ families. They’re more difficult to place, and they began from scratch, so they were flexible.

The Johnsons informed their adoption expert in November 2021 that they were prepared to adopt up to six kids. Daniel and he kind of made the joke that they could fit six people in the back of their Suburban, Dustin stated.

After just one month, the adoption expert contacted them and asked how serious they were about that six number. They were, indeed.

The couple heard that they had been successfully matched with the children in March 2022. The family, who had been living together since last year, then made their relationship official on May 12.

They have a life that they couldn’t dream of before, Dustin said. They’ve finally found their forever home.

The youngsters are also content. Reed, the eldest of the four kids, said that it’s been cool to be a part of the family, while Maia, one of the couple’s two daughters, said she is “excited.”

The family recently visited Washington, D.C., where they met Rep. Kathy Castor, who granted them a tour after hearing their tale. During their visit, the family also attended a Pride Month event at the White House.

Families like theirs are new, Dustin said, and that was extremely significant for their visibility.

Meanwhile, Castor commended the Johnsons as a wonderful example of what love can do. When they say love wins, Castor believes that’s precisely what they mean.

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