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Despite a prenup, Kevin Costner’s separated wife is refusing to leave their vast property.

Kevin Costner’s divorce from his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, is growing heated.

According to papers, the “Yellowstone” actor claims that his wife of 18 years, Baumgartner, would not abandon their property in Carpinteria, California, even though their pre-nuptial agreement stipulated that in the case of a divorce, she would depart every home he owned within 30 days.

Costner claims the home, which he purchased 16 years before the couple married, is where the couple and their three kids were living when Baumgartner filed for divorce on May 1.

Instead, Christine has taken the position that she is refusing to move out of Kevin’s separate property residence unless and until Kevin complies with various financial demands, according to the memorandum submitted on Friday. Christine’s agreement to leave was and remains unconditional. In fact, she has no right to inhabit Kevin’s separate property in the absence of a premarital arrangement.

According to the documents from Costner’s team, despite having given her $1 million as part of their pre-marital agreement in the event of a divorce and having given her $200,000 at the start of their marriage as part of their agreement, she hasn’t kept her end of the bargain.

He allegedly also gave her money to locate a new house as well as $10,000 for moving costs, paid a portion of her legal bills, and informed her that he was willing to enable the home’s employees to help her pack her belongings.

Kevin acted in good faith and did everything in his power to make the transition as smooth as possible, as the documents go on to say.

Cayden, 15, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13, are the couple’s three kids.

Costner also mentions his previous divorce from ex-wife Cindy, claiming that their breakup left him without a house.

It was critical for Kevin to protect his right to access his separate property in the event of a divorce. Kevin had previously been married, and after their divorce, he discovered himself without a home base and unable to dwell in his own house. That was something he did not wish to occur again. Kevin is often working out of town due to the nature of his business; it was and is very essential to him that when he is home, he has a house to go to, the records add.

According to the records, Costner’s most recent out-of-town work commitments are ending in early June 2023, when he will be back in Carpinteria.

Costner is most likely alluding to “Horizon,” his passion project in Western film. Fans have requested that he work on “Yellowstone” as well, but there has been no indication of when the last episodes will be recorded.

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