Father Brutally Beaten To Death By Angry Mob While Protecting Innocent Son From Bullies.

A Maryland father died Saturday after suffering life-threatening wounds while protecting his kids after a playground brawl became violent.

Christopher Michael Wright, 43, was approached by two adults and three teens who attacked him after he declined to allow them talk with his fiancée’s kid on Friday about 5 p.m.

The 14-year-old youngster had gotten into a battle with another adolescent at Brooklyn Park Middle School, and they intended to continue fighting after school, but Wright informed them he wasn’t going to allow them to fight with the boy. Tracy Karopchinsky, his fiancée, told that the suspects then turned their focus to Wright, threatening him that if the youngster would not fight, they would fight with him.

When Anne Arundel County Police arrived on the scene soon after 5 p.m., Wright was already getting treatment by county fire department personnel. Responders immediately took Wright to a nearby trauma center for treatment since his injuries were potentially fatal.

Wright died as a result of his wounds at 9:45 p.m. Saturday and was declared dead at the hospital. His cause of death was listed as severe brain damage.

Police have said that the event is being investigated as a homicide and have encouraged anyone with knowledge to contact them. The suspects were described as three to four white guys in their mid-20s to mid-30s. As of Wednesday, Anne Arundel County Police stated there had been no developments in the investigation and no arrests.

Anyone who aided or was an accomplice of the main suspect or the primary suspect will be culpable, Anne Arundel County Police spokesperson Marc Limansky said in a statement to local media about the probe.

The altercation was verified by the school, and Karopchinsky said that her 12-year-old attempted to go out into the street to aid Wright, but it was “too late.”

Just looking at the damage, it wasn’t just punching that did that, Karopchinsky said. There’s no way punching could have done that. The harm was done before the ambulance arrived.’

He’d suffered a seizure. It was finished, she said. There was absolutely nothing the hospital could do.

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