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Florida Teenager Finds an Adoptive Home on the Brink of His 18th Birthday

A teen finds his eternal home just in time!

Brad and Renee Balassaitis adopted Roman Balassaitis just one day before he turned 18.

They started putting the wheels in motion, and it took a while, Brad Balassaitis stated, who has seven children adopted with his wife.

The couple, who have nine children, have been working hard since the start of this year to adopt Roman.

It was kind of a race to the finish at the end but they truly wanted to make sure it happened before his 18th birthday since they wanted to make sure he didn’t age out of the system and then not have that same support, Brad  expressed.

The kid had previously stayed with the family, once for roughly nine months when he was 13, but was not ready to be adopted at the time, according to the couple.

Roman believed he’d found his home after reconnecting with the Balassaitis family last year.

Roman received the ultimate gift on Christmas morning last year when Brad and Renee informed him that they were adopting him.

They were all sobbing, Renee, 47, said. All Roman had ever wished for was to find his forever family.

The adoption was finalized last week via Zoom and at the Clay County Historic Courthouse, some 40 miles outside of Jacksonville.

He was perspiring profusely. His heart was pounding. He was overjoyed, Roman said. It means he has somewhere to go. It implies that if he desires to talk to someone, he now has somebody to talk to.

Renee agreed, then offered some motherly wisdom about the outdoorsy kid who enjoys fishing and mudding with his mates.

He’s going to do so well, he really is, she said. He wanted to know people believed in him and that he was desired, and chosen, that’s a big deal.

Roman has been walking lighter ever since adoption day, she explained. It’s as if a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders, as evidenced by the way he moves. He’s quite relieved.

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