Girl, 11, Survives House Fire that Killed Family Members — and Was Started by Father of Slain Children

The only survivor of the family’s four fatally burned members was an 11-year-old daughter. The family’s father had ignited the fire.

According to several news accounts, the mother, two children, and man murdered in the flames were all homicides, but the guy’s death was determined to be a suicide.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Lana Stewart, 40, died from blunt force injuries; Sebastino Ragusa, 7, died from inhaling toxic combustion products; and Valentina Ragusa, 4 months old, died from smoke inhalation. All three of the fatalities were apparently determined to be murders.

Salvatore Ragusa, 48, was the fourth person killed in the fire and passed away from smoke inhalation, according to the media. His demise was deemed a suicide.

According to her aunt, who coordinated the fundraising, an 11-year-old who went by the name of Lulu on a GoFundMe page jumped out a window to escape the fire. Lulu is Sebastino and Valentina’s sister, according to the GoFundMe.

After learning that the 11-year-old had fled and informed a neighbor, Seattle police went to the fire in the city’s Wallingford district, the department stated in a statement. The officers made an attempt to enter the house, which they said was blocked off. They discovered Stewart, Ragusa, and the two kids inside. A dog was also discovered dead inside the house.

According to authorities, the 11-year-old received minor injuries treatment.

The folks that passed away were described as a family in a statement made by Stewart’s family.

Salvatore Ragusa was reportedly diagnosed with schizophrenia, according to Stewart’s sisters. According to the same quote, Stewart was “a loving mother who tried her best to keep peace within the house.”

According to reports, he was charged with reckless burning and intentional mischief after admitting to setting fire to his ex-wife’s residence in 2019. He allegedly finished a county mental health program required by a court last year at the victim’s request.

In less than a day, the GoFundMe established to support Lulu, the only fire survivor, has received more than $14,000 in contributions.

The kid’s aunt commented that Lulu has always been known as a talkative and loving girl who always puts her family first. As she became older and more conscious of her predicament, she often adopted a caring yet protective position.

So she is not entirely shocked that she leaped out of a window with a 16-foot drop to save others. She believed she was returning after asking for assistance to rescue her brother and sister.

The money received will be used towards the girl’s rehabilitation and education.

In the end, she stated that they just want to be able to provide her with the best life they can and prepare her for success in the future.

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