Girl, Two, Dies After Florida Parents ‘Decided To Leave The Child In The Car’, Authorities Say.

Officials say a 2-year-old Florida child died after falling asleep in her car seat after her parents reportedly purposefully left her in a heated vehicle.

Kathreen Adams, 23, and Christopher McLean, 32, the girl’s parents, were arrested and charged with child negligence, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Additional charges are likely, according to Holmes County Sheriff John Tate, who spoke at a press conference on Wednesday.

At 3:43 p.m. Tuesday, deputies were sent to a residence in the Florida Panhandle village of Prosperity after a distraught lady dialled 911. Sheriff Tate said that the 911 operator was unable to get information from the lady due to her screams. At the house, the police constable was approached by a person carrying the lifeless 2-year-old.

The constable promptly began CPR until emergency personnel came and took over, but the youngster died soon after.

Adams first informed authorities that she had discovered her unconscious daughter inside the house. The child’s fever was 107 degrees, according to the sheriff, so they realized something wasn’t adding up.

Authorities discovered throughout the inquiry that the infant had been left in the vehicle for about 14 hours. Adams ultimately told authorities that she had left work about midnight to pick up the 2-year-old and the girl’s 4-year-old sibling from a relative’s residence.

Adams, McLean, and the kids then drove home, according to the sheriff.

The baby was sound asleep in his car seat. They opted to leave the infant in the vehicle and go inside, where they eventually fell asleep and did not wake up or realize the youngster was in the car until approximately 3:41 that afternoon, he said.

According to the sheriff, Adams “purposefully, through her own statement, left the child in the car throughout the night.”

According to the sheriff, McLean was uncooperative and asserted his rights, and he did not wish to give them a statement or talk to them at that time.

Sheriff Tate said that there are several differences between when the couple discovered the child and when 911 was contacted. Adams also said that the four-year-old got out of the vehicle and entered the home.

They had no proof that he was in the car or in the house. That’s something they’re still trying to figure out, the sheriff said of the 4-year-old.

The sheriff informed reporters that methamphetamine, marijuana, CBD candies, and drug paraphernalia were discovered during a search of the couple’s residence. Adams admitted to officials that she and McLean used marijuana after entering the residence.

“Don’t do drugs,” the sheriff stated when asked if he had a message for the community. “I honestly believe methamphetamine, drugs, are to blame for this death.”

“That’s what happens when you use drugs; you lose touch with reality and things like this happen.” “We probably wouldn’t be here today if they weren’t on drugs,” he claimed.

The Department of Children and Families has taken custody of the 4-year-old youngster.

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