Groom Whose Wife Was Killed By Drunk Driver On Wedding Day Sues Driver & Bars That Served Her.

A 25-year-old man’s car reportedly struck Aric Hutchinson and Sam Miller’s golf cart last month as they were enjoying their wedding festivities on Folly Beach.

Hutchinson was taken to the hospital following the accident, but Miller died as a consequence of her injuries.

When police tested Komoroski’s blood, they discovered she had a BAC of 0.261 at the time of the collision.

Hutchinson, who has since been released from the hospital, chose to take action, filing a wrongful death case against Komoroski on Wednesday, May 17.

The complaint also serves as an injury claim on behalf of Hutchinson and two other family members who were on the golf cart at the time of the incident.

In a news announcement notifying the case, lawyers working on behalf of the family said that the tragedy has devastated the entire family, beyond just the individuals named in the lawsuit.

In addition to Komoroski, the complaint names other nearby restaurants that allegedly served the motorist before she got behind the wheel.

The pubs have been accused of continuing to serve Komoroski despite her being ‘noticeably and clearly inebriated’.

Attorneys contended that the restaurants had a “duty of care” not to “allow patrons to become intoxicated and not to serve alcohol to intoxicated persons.”

Hutchinson’s lawyer, Danny Dalton, said inquiries into the circumstances leading up to the incident are still ongoing.

There are still plenty of details they don’t know about the sequence of events leading up to the tragic crash, Dalton said. By filing a lawsuit, they can start the legal discovery process that will enable them to get the answers Samantha’s family deserves.

They are hoping that the bars will cooperate by offering whatever they have. Given the terrible nature of this situation, he would assume they would prefer to own up to whatever occurred, or did not happen.

Meanwhile, Hutchinson and the other two family members involved are still healing from the collision, according to Dalton.

He said that one can go from the most joyful moment of one’s life to an unimaginable tragedy. They are all physically and emotionally healing. As one would expect, the groom is doing okay. He has a great, close-knit family on both his and his late wife’s sides.

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