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Heroic Role of Yoda, the Police Dog, Revealed in Capture of Prison-Escaped Killer

After assisting in the apprehension of a killer who fled from custody, a police dog has received accolades.

Danelo Cavalcante, who escaped from Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania last month, has been missing for the last two weeks.

The cops came under more and more criticism as the days went by for seeming to have made no progress.

Earlier this week, Cavalcante even succeeded in stealing a rifle from a residence before vanishing once again.

However, a K-9 named Yoda has recently gained notoriety for apprehending the fugitive.

One of a few teams that helped on the search for Cavalcante is the El Paso Border Patrol Tactical Team BORTAC, where the four-year-old Belgian Malinois is a member of a tactical unit.

Ltnt Col Bivens claims that a police plane detected a heat signal yesterday (September 13) at around one in the morning.

They had to return later that day because of the weather, and Yoda was able to find the 34-year-old and chase him down as he attempted to flee from the police.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been supporting our federal, state, and local partners during this intense 14-day search,” a representative for the agency stated.

Danelo Cavalcante was captured without incident on Wednesday morning, September 13 by personnel of the United States Border Patrol, including agents from the elite BORTAC team, the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), and other federal, state, and local law enforcement.

Pictures that were later made public depict the moment Yoda and the crew, who had been bitten throughout the operation, finally caught Cavalcante.

A picture of the murderer depicts him being carried away by law enforcement with his face smeared in blood.

At the moment of his arrest, he was carrying a weapon.

Today is a great day in Chester County, stated Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan during a press conference. Finally, the nightmare is over.

They have the top employees in the industry, so they were aware that it was just a matter of time.

She told the press that it was a relief to wrap up the matter and that it would provide some comfort to Deborah Brandao’s family, whom Cavalcante had been found guilty of killing.

Now that they can sleep once again, Ryan stated.

According to court records, Cavalcante was accused of fleeing from custody and will appear in court on September 27.

Gov. Josh Shapiro said on X: “Thanks to incredible work of @PAStatePolice, local authorities, federal partners, and the people of ChesCo, Danelo Cavalcante is in police custody.

“These dedicated law enforcement professionals worked tirelessly to protect us, and I couldn’t be prouder to work alongside them.”

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