Ina Garten Expresses Her Ever-Growing Love for Jeffrey on His 77th Birthday

In challenging times, Ina Garten maintains a positive outlook, and her husband Jeffrey’s birthday is a source of brightness and optimism for her.

On Sunday, the renowned chef from the Food Network shared a charming series of photos celebrating her husband’s 77th birthday, with whom she has shared nearly 55 years of marriage. In the accompanying message, the host of “Be My Guest with Ina Garten” acknowledged that in the midst of recent troubling global and domestic events, occasions like Jeffrey’s birthday, filled with joy and positivity, deserve recognition.

”Even with the dreadful things going on in the world, we need to celebrate the everyday joys,” Ina said in a sequence of current and retro photographs.

“Happy birthday to my darling husband Jeffrey,” she said. “I’ve loved you madly for almost 60 years, and I’m just getting started.”

Along with a photo of a happy Jeffrey holding a glass of red wine, the Barefoot Contessa star shared a 2015 snapshot of the couple in front of the Eiffel Tower. Ina also made a film of their ridiculous relationship, even after so many years of marriage.

“People always ask me, ‘Does Jeffrey cook for me?’ and I always say the same thing every time, ‘He makes really good coffee,'” she says at the beginning of the film before introducing “Chef Jeffrey.” Jeffrey walked into the kitchen wearing a Barefoot Contessa apron and a billowing chef’s hat before showing how to make the “perfect cup of coffee.” His trick? Filling a coffee machine with water and coffee grounds

Ina provided photos of the pair from their early marriage, including one of Ina, then 20, and Jeffrey, then 22, hugging at their 1968 wedding. She also provided a photograph of Jeffrey in uniform (he served from 1968 to 1972). Another shot of Jeffrey near an open vehicle trunk appears to be from the pair’s four-month European camping vacation in 1971.

On December 22, they will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary.

Ina said on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show earlier this year that their romance hasn’t always been easy and that their first date was “a disaster.”

Ina recalled being 16 and in high school at the time, while Jeffrey was a student at Dartmouth. When Jeffrey noticed Ina wandering around campus, he asked a mutual acquaintance for her phone number. When he called, Ina suggested they go to a pub, despite the fact that she had never been to one before.

Ina said she was able to keep her “totally cool” about the event. That is, until the now-couple needed to enter the building and Ina didn’t realize she required a phony ID. “I had no idea that I needed a fake ID to get into a bar when I was sixteen.”

Their first date, however, ended happily. Ina stated that Jeffrey made the first move that night, and they enjoyed their first kiss “in front of my house, in the car, when I thought he was never gonna see him again on that first date.”

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