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Jennifer Lopez’s Netflix Film The Mother Has Reached An Unwanted Rotten Tomatoes Milestone.

While Jennifer Lopez’s new revenge picture, The Mother, has done well with moviegoers, the verdict is still out on critics, enabling the film to reach an unwelcome Rotten Tomatoes milestone.

Lopez plays a cold-hearted assassin who must safeguard the daughter she previously abandoned.

The teaser, which was released immediately on Netflix, provides a sense of a hard-hitting action film with punch ups and badass one-liners flowing out of its ears.

They came for John Wick’s dog first, and now Jennifer Lopez must protect her kid.

The Mother has done well with viewers, receiving a 70 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s even outperformed two major Netflix films since its release on Mother’s Day in the United States. According to Samba TV statistics, around 2.8 million homes in the United States have seen it since then.

These numbers indicate that The Mother has outperformed two of Netflix’s signature films, Murder Mystery 2 and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which had 2.4 million and 2.6 million households, respectively.

Audiences seem to have reacted well as well, with numerous critics praising Lopez’s performance.

“Jennifer Lopez proves that she can handle any genre: from rom-coms to action movies, she can do it all,” Cultured Vultures’ Natasha Alvar stated. Because of her efforts, the Mother becomes quite entertaining.”

Meanwhile, Empire Magazine’s Amon Warmann observed, “This is a come-for-Lopez, stay-for-Lopez endeavour, and she’s in fine, movie star form.”

According to TIME Magazine’s Stephanie Zacharek, “Lopez can get away with things that other mere mortals can’t, and if you approach it in the right spirit, The Mother could be ridiculously good fun.”

Despite the apparent success at the box office and good reactions from moviegoers, The Mother has reached an unlucky milestone on Rotten Tomatoes.

While reviewers praised Lopez’s performance, they also emphasized the film’s ‘forgettable’ vibe and fell into action tropes, with some even arguing that Lopez was too excellent for the picture.

All of this combined to give The Mother an overall critic score of 49 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, low enough to place it in the ‘certified rotten’ category rather than the coveted ‘certified fresh’ grade.

It’s a familiar story, crowds react well, and financial success looks to be on the way, but critical praise is a different beast.

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