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Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Celebrate 4th of July With a Barnyard Cover of ‘Saturday in the Park.’

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick performed their version of Chicago’s song “Saturday in the Park” to commemorate the country’s foundation. While Bacon strummed his guitar, Sedgwick buzzed away on her favorite instrument, the kazoo. For the vocals, the pair collaborated.

“Saturday in the park / I think it was the Fourth of July,” Bacon, 64, said, while Sedgwick, 57, swayed amid the couple’s goats and pigs. As she straddled some goat excrement on the ground, Sedgwick added kazoo flairs to her husband’s lyric.

The Closer star ultimately joined in, modifying portions of the lyrics to match her surroundings: “Goats are prancing, pigs are dancing.” They then sang, “My wife’s eating ice cream,” before Sedgwick took a crisp mouthful.

The duo sang in unison before Sedgwick performed a kazoo solo. “Play that thing!” chanted Bacon to his wife. They kissed at the conclusion of the video before wishing viewers a “Happy Fourth of July.”

This isn’t Bacon and Sedgwick’s first barnyard party for admirers. The pair lives in both Los Angeles and New York City. They also have four goats, two pigs, three miniature horses, and three alpacas on their Connecticut property.

In 2022, the pair performed another farm side musical version, this time of “Two of Us” by The Beatles. Whereas the most recent Instagram sing-along had goats and pigs aplenty, Bacon and Sedgwick sat next to one of their miniature horses in 2022.

Sedgwick and Bacon may be spotted dancing their hearts out when they’re not screaming out 1970s songs. The duo recently shared an Instagram video of themselves dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Karma.” The pair wore similar t-shirts to show their support for drag queens as some states approved anti-trans laws. “Drag is an art, and drag is a right,” read the t-shirts.

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