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Lindsay Lohan has given birth to her first child, and the baby’s name has been revealed.

The actress revealed her pregnancy in March and was pleased, as was her husband, Bader Shammas.

She is now officially a mother, and the world is overjoyed for her.

Lindsay Lohan and her financier husband, Bader Shammas, welcomed a beautiful, healthy son named Luai, a spokesperson for the pair said. The family is completely smitten.

According to the source, Luai is an Arabic name that means shield or guardian.

The newborn boy was delivered in Dubai, although there has been no confirmation of the exact date.

Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s mother, stated earlier this year that Lindsay and Bader had been trying for a baby and thought the time was ideal.

She expressed that she’s been trying, and then it happened, that little stick came up positive. It’s the right time for her, and Bader is a guardian angel. Her spouse is wonderful, and they seem to be quite happy. They’re simply overjoyed and eager.

Dina also said how delighted her daughter is about the impending addition to her family.

Dina said that Lindsay has always loved kids because she loves kids and her mother loves kids; she is one of four. Because they have a large family, she has always desired children. She’s also very maternal. Isabelle, her niece, just rushes to her whenever she sees her.

Lindsay said in November that she and Bader wanted to raise their child in Dubai.

It’s so safe there, and the schools are great, she said. It’s so far removed from everything she is used to—it’s nice to have her own world.

Lindsay and Bader’s child was born after the pair got engaged in 2021.

They had been dating for three years before they decided to marry, which occurred eight months after their big announcement.

Earlier this year, Lohan shared a picture of a baby onesie with the words ‘coming soon’ printed over the chest on her social media.

Many people were overjoyed for her, and this sent shockwaves across the globe.

She’s been updating her followers on her pregnant journey with images, and the big moment has finally come.

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