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People are shocked as a woman admits she does not wash her pajamas every day.

How often do you wash your pajamas? After each time you put them on? Every week? Maybe once a month?

Anything else than the first choice, it seems, is enough to elicit fury.

I must confess that after every single sleep, it feels like a lot. To make that work, you’d have to either have a large supply of pajamas or use your washing machine virtually every day, and with costs still skyrocketing, there’s no need to keep it on more than necessary.

But it turns out that’s a contentious viewpoint, as TikToker Allison Delperdang discovered when she asked her followers for their thoughts on adult pajama etiquette.

She said that she wants to know whether individuals wear pyjamas, like, multiple nights in a row, exposing the button-up shirt they’ve been sleeping in.

Allison admitted that it’s usual for youngsters to wear the same pajamas for days on end, but she went on to say that she wore these, like, three nights in a row. So she is wondering whether one still does it as a grownup or if she should be creating filthy clothes every single night?

After seeing Allison’s video, several viewers were shocked to hear she didn’t wash her pajamas after each use.

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When Allison asked whether other individuals wore their pajamas for days on end, one person said, “No, because I am wearing them for 8+ hours, they just don’t feel clean.”

Another said, “Always fresh every night.” In addition, just use a towel once. My children are the same way.”

“No! Sweating occurs while sleeping. “Why would I wear that again?” a third person inquired.

But there were some folks around who were fine with the thought of one’s pajama-wearing tendencies.

“I wear them for like a week straight haha I hate doing laundry,” one commenter on Allison’s video said.

Another perplexed individual inquired, “Wait. “Are there people who don’t wear PJs on multiple nights in a row?”

Obviously, there is one fast and easy answer to the pyjama debate: abandon them entirely and embrace bare sleeping. You do as long as you’re comfy!

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